A Tequila Tour in Jalisco

Entering the small town of Tequila, Jalisco, with its narrow cobblestone streets and beautiful colonial churches, itís hard to imagine that so much of the world’s tequila is produced and exported from here. But the bustling community caters to the rapidly expanding empire of the blue agave plant—so rapidly, in fact, that many large tequila producers cut corners with additives such as flavoring, coloring and glycerine to keep profiles consistent and meet the demand. The agave plant in reality, needs a minimum of seven years to mature before it can be harvested.

Vegas Seven photographer Krystal Ramirez recently visited four distilleries, which, she says, “provided such a captivating and eye-opening alternative to the big brands churning out the distilled spirit synonymous with partying and nightclubs.” Ramirez adds, “My love for Mexico only grew on this short visit. The generosity of its people and the love for every aspect of life and each other is unlike any other you will experience.”

Photographer Krystal Ramirez on her collection of images and impressions from her recent trip to Jalisco.