People Get Ready: Recreational Cannabis Comes to Las Vegas

After much contemplation, legislation, regulation, frustration and innovation, Nevada will finally begin adult recreational marijuana sales on July 1 at midnight. “Cannabis has been part of our community, whether we recognize it or not, for decades. Our goal as an industry is to bring it out of the black market into a safe, regulated, tested market in the most professional way we can,” said Andrew Jolley, president of the Nevada Dispensary Association at a press conference at Reef Dispensaries on Thursday.

“We’re ready to go!” declared State Senator Tick Segerblom, who has been called “the father of legal marijuana in Nevada.” Of course, not every angle has been smoothed out. The issue of distributors’ licenses still has not been resolved—the court’s ruling that only liquor distributors could handle recreational marijuana stands. “The medical inventory as of midnight tomorrow night can be sold recreationally. The dispensaries have stocked up a lot, so we believe there’s 30-60 days’ supply,” said Segerblom, adding, “We’re confident that the liquor people will be able to start their distributorships and start transporting before that 30 days is out.” However, even if rec inventory runs out, medical patients will still be taken care of. “We can still re-supply using the mechanisms we’ve been using for the medical program,” explains Jolley.

State Senator Tick Segerblom, Nevada Dispensary Association Executive Director Raina Durrett, Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak, NDA president Andrew Jolley

Segerblom will be the first customer at Reef Dispensaries at midnight on Friday and then at The Source at 9 a.m. on Saturday. No word on whether he’ll be purchasing flower or edibles (or maybe he’s a dabber) but at least we will all finally be able to say the words, “I know the Senator is holding.”

A number of dispensaries will be having special events to celebrate the launch of recreational sales. Friday at midnight, Reef Dispensaries on Western Avenue will be shooting off fireworks and giving out hats; other Friday-night events include body-painting at Oasis Medical Cannabis, food trucks and DJs at the Apothecary Shoppe, free donuts at Acres MedicalPisos will offer goodie bags and giveaways and Euphoria Wellness will be giving free grams to the first 100 customers. On Saturday morning, The Source will have food trucks and commemorative T-shirts and, in the afternoon, Acres will continue the party with DJs, art, food and vendors.

“I can’t believe this is finally happening in Nevada,” said Segerblom, “I wanna tell the whole world: Watch out—this will be the new Amsterdam. This is a game changer for the whole state.”

Reef Dispensaries

Know Before You Buy

  • You need to bring valid photo ID proving you are over 21 and enough cash to pay for your goodies. No, you cannot put a quarter-ounce of Casino Kush and a pack of Mile Higher Mints on your Mastercard. Yet.
  • As David Lee Roth so wisely said, “Everybody wants some/and you want some too,” so be ready to wait. Be cool, be patient and remember that the slowest dispensary is still quicker than the fastest dealer.
  • Can’t decide between sativa and indica? Well, if you’re going to get wild up in the club, you want a sativa. Gonna trip out on some Cirque du Soleil? You want an indica. Both varietals should do you good at the buffet, though.
  • Go slow on your edibles. Start with half what you think you should take and go from there.
  • Don’t drive high. Las Vegas has monorails, buses, cabs, Lyfts and Ubers and you’ve got feet.

Know Before You Use

  • Smoking in your car? Don’t be stupid. Unless it’s parked, with the engine off, in your garage.
  • Smoking in a public park? Nope. Unless it’s a weed festival, and even then, it doesn’t hurt to do a quick 360 for the 5-0.
  • Smoking at a cool café while people watching Downtown? Not yet, but they’re working on it.
  • Smoking in the Legislature? Ask Tick.
  • Smoking in your backyard? OK, but beware Mrs. Gravitz.
  • Smoking in a casino? If you’re lucky, that’ll get you 86’ed faster than counting at blackjack. Unlucky? Jail and/or the hospital.
  • Smoking in your hotel room? Vape. Look, you, the reader, can’t smell it anymore, but the Assistant District Attorney from Butte Rock, Oklabraska in the room next door has very acute sensory apparati and doesn’t appreciate that hippie shit, no sir, not one bit. Vaping is probably cool, though.
  • Smoking in the High Roller? Sure, get “high” in Las Vegas’ biggest and slowest ride. You’ll get arrested, just like those morons who decided to get carnally frisky last year in full view of the cameras and other High Roller cars. But with a ride name like that, how can you say no…?