Pool Tour: Daylight Beach Club

Mandalay Bay’s Party pool showcases a “summertime” of hip-hop all-stars

It’s July and pool season hasn’t reached its midway mark, yet Daylight Beach Club has seen enough action to fill one or two sizzle reels.

Ice Cube performed in early May, and Rick Ross did an Eclipse launch party on April 20 that director of marketing Josh Lang calls, “Hands down the coolest performance I’ve seen.

“The entire city was there. It was bananas,” Lang continues. “Rick Ross comes out and does 15 songs—a full concert.”

Ross’ show could easily have been the highlight of Daylight’s fourth anniversary, but Lang, who is in his first season, is saving more fireworks for this month.

“We’re going into backyard barbecue—like “Summertime” mode,” he says, referencing the DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince song. “That’s the thought process: Let’s just have a fun party.”

The strategy, to put it in Will Smith lyrics, is, “just a little somethin’ to break the monotony of all that hardcore dance that has gotten to be a little bit out of control” on the Strip.

Daylight wouldn’t have found success if it had aped the programming of competitors Wet Republic and Encore Beach Club, Lang explains.

Instead, it went in another direction and embraced hip-hop.

“We wanted to create a fun party where you shake your ass, have fun, get drunk on a Sunday and don’t feel like you have to sit there and listen to what everyone else is [hearing],” he says.

Photography by Tomo

The Menu

The Daylight menu has nearly 100 different bottle options to choose from including a $3,500 magnum bottle of Dom Pérignon

Rosé and a $110,000 15-liter bottle of Ace of Spades Rosé.

There are Champagne showers, of course, for $150 per bottle, with a three-bottle limit. Lang also hints at a new “Frosè” frozen drink in the works through a partnership with Moët Hennessy.

The Scene

One of the most appealing aspects of Daylight is its stage—you can actually dance in front of it. The stage sits at one end of the main pool, with the bar situated at the other end. Surrounding the water are 23 private VIP cabanas and two ultra private bungalows with their own plunge pools.

While most pool-party dress codes will get you turned away for wearing the wrong shorts—“It’s like you’re going through TSA to get into a venue,” Lang says—the rules are more relaxed at Daylight. For Lit Sundays, guests wearing jeans and jerseys are allowed in.

Party games add to the backyard barbecue feeling in July, with cornhole, floating beer pong in the pool, and dominoes and playing cards at the tables.

The Lineup

Photography by Tomo

If they weren’t kept under wraps, they wouldn’t be surprises, so Lang plays it close to the vest with some of the upcoming concerts on the
Daylight calendar.

The aforementioned July 9 event features the return of Rick Ross. Lang fully expects the hip-hop icon to impress the second time around.

When you have that want and demand for something, and [artists] come, and they exceed your expectations, it’s an amazing thing,” he says. “You hope to create an [event] for your guests that they’ve never experienced before.”

Daylight Beach Club

At Mandalay Bay @daylightvegas

Lit Sundays

Rick Ross, July 9
Dre Sinatra, July 23


Ice Cube, July 13