Sofar Sounds in Not-so-far Places

While big-venue concerts typically mean crowds of screaming fans and bar lines, Sofar Sounds shows are much more intimate. They are hosted by someone in the community, either at a home, warehouse or other suitable location. The audience often sits on the ground, maybe with a box of takeout or a beer in hand. The chatter quiets as musicians take the stage and the sets are played uninterrupted—not even with a clamoring “I love you” from someone in the crowd. The Sofar gigs distinguish themselves with one simple expectation: the music comes first.

The music community is comprised of a global network of artists, hosts and guests with the goal to bring “magic back to live music.” Rafe Offer and Rocky Start founded the startup in 2009. Feeling dissatisfied with recent concert experiences, they invited their musician friends over for an intimate show at their London flat.

Since then the network has quickly expanded. According to their website, each month Sofar Sounds hosts shows in 259 cities all around the world from Nevada to Norway. Previous Sofar musicians include Hozier, Bastille and James Bay.

Las Vegans will get a chance to attend a Sofar event this summer on August 2 (the July 6 show has sold out). The locations and artists are kept secret until selected guests are notified a few days prior to the show. To sign up for upcoming events, go to