The Hero

The Hero Puts Weed In Hollywood Limelight

The portrayal of marijuana in film has changed since the Reefer Madness days—even since Half Baked and Pineapple Express. That’s because weed culture at large is changing and so are the people consuming the drug openly. I mean, everyone smokes weed. Which, yeah, sounds kind of like something someone might say at a party in an attempt to peer pressure someone else into blazing down, but I mean the phrase in purely demographic terms. Also, like, everyone I know smokes weed.

Don’t get me wrong, the data is also there to back up my claims. The face of the cannabis consumer is dynamic, and the lines between weed culture and the mainstream grow even blurrier as legalization and normalization efforts make marijuana more relevant to the general public. The media reflects this.

“I feel like the more something is out there the less stigma it can carry with it,” says David Wilfert, who works to bridge the gap between mainstream movie culture and cannabis. He recently worked with film production company The Orchard on advertising The Herowhich saw an early June release and features prolific weed-usage. The goal? To market the movie to a more cannabis-inclined audience…

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