Ygritte (Jessica Joy) and Jon Snow (Jordan Stidham)

Thrones! The Musical Parody Brings Laughter to the Realm

The show pokes fun in a way fans will appreciate

On July 15, The Space brimmed to capacity with Game of Thrones fans eager to experience Thrones! The Musical Parody. And judging by the relentless laughter in the theater, they got what they came for.

In Thrones!, six friends gather for the season premiere of Game of Thrones when Linda (Leslie Collins) admits she’s never seen the show, to which her brother Ross (Al Samuels) proclaims, “No wonder your husband left you!” From there, the friends commit to acting out the show for her.

Musically, Thrones! is splendid. Who knew a trap song about The Red Wedding had radio-play potential? Or that Joffrey Baratheon (Jessica Joy) and Ramsay Bolton’s (Meghan Parks) vaudeville duet, complete with dancing prisoners, was a toe-tapper?

As catchy as the music is, it’s the cast members and their outrageous use of props that make Thrones! comedy gold. The actors took inspiration from the living-room set, forging Night’s Watch armor out of bathroom mats and creating makeshift dragons out of window curtains and an umbrella. Jordan Stidham’s uncanny impression of Jon Snow, complete with commentary about his locks being in a manbun jail since Season 6, tickled the audience, almost as much as his portrayal of Cersei Lannister doing the walk of shame. And Joy helmed her role as Daenerys Targaryen with ease, riding atop the aforementioned dragon and powerfully proclaiming she was Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Protector of the Realm and assistant manager of Jimmy John’s, among other ridiculous titles.

Thrones! poked just as much fun at the book fans as it did the HBO viewers and the non-watchers like Linda, who periodically asked what many were probably thinking: “What the fuck is wrong with this show?” Thrones! even snuck in a good-natured dig about fan fiction—because what’s a show without its hyper-erotic fan base?

While the show could’ve benefitted from a bigger stage and a louder sound system, Thrones! impressed nonetheless, making this a victory worthy of the Iron Throne.


Thrones! The Musical Parody

At The Space, July 18-23, thespacelv.com/tickets_thrones.php