What’s Your Favorite Pet Service?

Three Dog Bakery is the best for pet-friendly sweets. Zuko gets a custom-ordered cake from the bakery every year for his birthday party. When he’s been an extra good boy (or just gives me those puppy eyes), we take a trip across town to visit. He loves their cannolis, cream pies and carrot cake. He’s definitely not spoiled (rolls eyes). –Jordan Bruy, executive assistant

The Barking Lot grooming salon has dolled up my dogs for the past 15 years. Staff members go out of their way to get to know your babies, and it shows in how comfortable mine are with them. For skittish pets, you can take them next door to the Sandy Hill Animal Clinic, which gives free sedation shots to Barking Lot customers.–Amber Sampson, web editor

It may seem simple, but I adore Amazon Prime for getting my Katie Kat’s food, litter, toys, replacement beds and treats all delivered stat. Whatever she needs to be comfortable, happy and healthy comes right to me no matter the time, so she never has to wait on my crazy schedule! –Xania V. Woodman, senior contributing editor, beverage

Sun City Animal Hospital is the most professional and caring place I have ever taken my pets. I’ve never felt more comfortable leaving my dog anywhere else. Madison, my lab, had an ear infection and wouldn’t allow me to touch her. They took her in, somehow cleaned her ears and brought her back to me happy and feeling a little better. –Adam Christopher Smith, production coordinator, Life Is Beautiful Festival

Wag N’ Wash Natural Food & Bakery. Owners Jeremiah and Christine care about and love their customers’ pets so much, and I can never express how thankful I am for the grooming care of my 15-year-old lab before he died. I know he almost made it to 16 because of their food knowledge and nutritional help. R.I.P., my beloved Drake!–Kara Dennis, human resources manager

Best Friends Animal Society offers a free trap, neuter, return program to help reduce the number of feral kitties in the community. My neighborhood has a lot of feral cats, and it makes me sad to see more and more roaming around without a home in this desert environment. –Ben Ward, creative director

My favorite pet service comes from the Acuña family. If it takes a village to raise a child, itís taken a metropolis of family members to keep my dog Bruno Bunny away from the cheesecake, off the couch and loved to no end. Also, shout-out to Snooty Pets for their dog de-shedding services, without which the town would be covered in his fur! –Jessi C. Acuña, senior editor, lifestyle