Beyond the Dog House

Make your home the cat’s meow with these pets furniture finds

Treat your pet to something new that will not only spruce up its space, but also compliment yours.

Ferret Hammock

Marshall Hanging Ferret Hammock

Go a little overboard on spoiling your ferret with this pirate ship hammock. $18,

Blue Ribbon Thai Buddha Head Aquarium Ornament

Stay present by watching your fish swim . $10,

Cat litter box and bed

Las Vegas Dog Beds by Raquel

For something functional and aesthetic, Raquel’s custom-made dog beds double as human furniture. $65 and up, 

Mid-century Cat Bed and Litter Box

Disliking the look of your cat’s litter box? Check out this cabinet that can be used as a cat bed or litter-box. $440,

Bamboo hammock

Bamboo Hammock

Whether on a yacht, indoors or lounge in the backyard, comfort is always in full-swing with this pet hammock. $200,