The Secret Life of a Las Vegas Pig

Elle Tea Piggie scurries her way through the city, from a day at the pool to a meet and greet at a show on the Strip

“Live your truth. That’s what my dad, former Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller, tells me. I am originally from New York, but since I was 10 weeks old, Las Vegas is where I call home. Still not even a year old, I’ve already starred in two videos, including a publicity stunt with MMA fighter Robert Burneika, which has over a million views on YouTube. You could say my acting career is burgeoning. Despite my aspirations to make it in Hollywood, I live a low-key life—albeit glamorous. Here’s a peek at my unexposed Vegas world. And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, @elleteapiggie.”

Anthony Mair

“During the pig days of summer, find me in a cabana—I don’t sweat, people!—at my favorite spot, Wet pool deck at W Las Vegas. During the week, I’m at auditions all day long so when the weekend arrives, it’s time to play. And this babe is pool-season ready year-round, with the mermaid tankini game strong.”

Anthony Mair

“If living to shop makes me a princess, then so be it. Fashion is an expression of who you are, so whether you want to rock grandma’s handmade outfits or your birthday suit, as you can see me doing here inside Neiman Marcus—go for it. Miss Piggy has nothing on this jelly.” In Fashion Show,

“Growing up in Las Vegas has its perks: endless dining options, 24/7 access and shows galore. On July 14, I attended Hard Rock Live’s grand opening of Men of the Strip starring Jeff Timmons of boy band 98 Degrees. If there’s anything this city has taught me, it’s the art of illusion. Sure, I might be eating out of the palms of their hands but, in reality, it’s quite the opposite. As the kids say, tag your sponsor.” Tickets start at $59, limited engagement runs July 21, 27–28,

Editor’s Note: Pigs are intelligent, cognitively complex animals. They love to play as much as they enjoy problem solving. Each has a unique personality, and, unlike common misconception, pigs are clean beings. Elle Tea is a teacup pig. As with many micro pigs, their size may vary greatly once they reach full maturation. Please research the needs of a pet prior to bringing it home.