Where in Las Vegas Do You Go to Feel Smarter?

Amber Unicorn Books | Photo by Anthony Mair

Nothing makes you feel smarter than a bookstore. Both The Writer’s Block and Amber Unicorn Books can be counted on to offer up many treasures for perusal. Bonus: Once you take them home and read them, you actually are smarter! –Lissa Townsend Rodgers, editor-at-large

Paseo Verde Library in Green Valley. It has a reading room with floor-to-ceiling windows, plenty of desks and tables, an extensive CD collection and occasional book sales (everything you can fit into a bag for a few bucks!). There’s also The Coffee Press, which has reasonably priced beverages, pastries, bagels and sandwiches, as well as board games—if you want to procrastinate doing the work you went there to do in the first place. –Shannon Miller, editorial assistant

I feel smart at The Smith Center. It’s a great place to go and laugh at intellectual jokes I don’t understand and drink wine I don’t know how to pronounce.–Jessie O’Brien, web editor

When I was an undergrad at UNLV, I never fully appreciated how fantastic the school’s Lied Library is. Since graduating, I have returned to check out books (Non-students can sign up for library cards there—who knew?) and spend time in its fascinating Special Collections room, full of historic media such as decades-old newspaper clippings, early university documents and vintage menus from Strip gourmet rooms. Stepping foot in there also reminds me of a time when I was a Dean’s List student with loads of time to read novels for pleasure. Now, let me get back to that BuzzFeed quiz!–Mark Adams, arts & entertainment editor

I love attending the readings at the Beverly Rogers, Carol C. Harter Black Mountain Institute. They’re a rare chance to hear and interact with today’s best writers, both established and emerging. The events also provide a great opportunity to meet literary-minded folks in Las Vegas.–Genevie Durano, managing editor, dining editor

I go to UNLV for its Barrick Lecture Series. Dozens congregate at the university to hear the stories and perspectives of inspirational leaders from various backgrounds. It’s not only an informative experience, but it’s a moving one as well. In the past, the lecture series has welcomed a CNN host, an astronaut and a Pulitzer Prize–winning reporter.–Amber Sampson, web editor

CreativeMornings! It’s a wonderful monthly event where people go to learn, create and collaborate. It’s nice seeing people come together with the common goal of making the world a more creative place. –Adam Christopher Smith, production coordinator, Life Is Beautiful Music & Art Festival