S’more Foie Gras, Please

Bazaar Meat's Foie Gras S'moresAnthony Mair

Leave it to chef José Andrés to take foie gras and give it a playful spin. At first glance, his s’more looks like the classic treat from childhood, but one bite and the graham cracker crunch gives way to seared, warm foie gras, sweet marshmallow and melted chocolate. The complexity of this dessert is unparalleled, and the texture is rich and luxurious.

“The s’mores is a sweet version of a foie gras dish,” chef Alex Pitts says. But is it a dessert or an appetizer? Found in the savory section of the Bazaar Meat menu, it’s considered an appetizer, but there are no rules. If blurring the line between sweet and savory is your delight, pick this one.