Your Tech Is Showing

UNLV’s STEM camp.

If slow and steady wins the race to the future, UNLV is gaining on the competition. Here are three ways the university’s tech-savvy students and faculty are making a difference.

Big data for big success. Last month, UNLV hosted 11 middle and high school teachers and around 30 students from local schools at a summer camp to learn about STEM education and analyzing big data. Taught by a team from the UNLV writing center and graduate students from the engineering college, the six-week course touched on everything from computer programming to research methods. The camp, made possible by a federal grant from the National Science Foundation, will surely help teachers elevate their studentsí skill sets.

Can you hack it? In January, a band of UNLV students won $10,000 at the Smart Cities Hackathon, held at the Consumer Electronics Show. Their prize-winning hack? Software that immediately alerts city officials to faulty streetlights using Amazon Alexa. Considering how much time and effort goes into identifying these lights and how much energy a defective streetlight wastes, this is a win for the City of Las Vegas.

Give us some space. In 2016, UNLV entered into a five-year, $5 million agreement with aerospace giant Lockheed Martin. The contract enlists the help of students and faculty from the Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering to work on NASAís Orion program, meant to transport humans to space and back. We donít need to tell you how cool this is, do we? óAmber Sampson