Makers & Finders to Open at Downtown Summerlin

A popular Downtown restaurant is taking its signature brand and expanding to the ’burbs. Josh Molina, owner of Makers & Finders, the 18b Arts District restaurant known for its that Latin comfort food and third-wave coffee, recently inked a deal to open an outpost in Downtown Summerlin. 

The expansion is something Molina has been planning on doing for a long time. “That’s always been our vision, always the intent,” he says. “We were trying to figure out exactly where to go and felt that Summerlin was a good fit,” he says. “The aesthetic, the vibe of Downtown Summerlin are right. ”

Molina knows the folks in Summerlin will come. After all, they’ve been heading to the Downtown location since it opened in 2014, and, according to Molina, have been the most vocal in letting him know the next Makers & Finders location needed to be in the westside.

Helming Summerlin’s restaurant is general manager Christian Gonzales, whose extensive résumé of high-volume restaurants both on and off the Strip impressed Molina.

“He’s young and hungry and has a ton of experience,” he says of Gonzales, who was formerly at Herbs & Rye.

The new location will feature the core of what Makers offers in 18b: breakfast, lunch and dinner service (don’t worry, you can get those perfect flaky empanadas in Summerlin), vegan and vegetarian options, as well as wine and beer.

And, of course, Makers & Finders’ second most popular offering (aside from the coffee)—brunch—is happening, complete with the mimosas that draw the crowds.

“I think that will be a hit,” says Molina of the brunch service. “The energy for brunch is incomparable. Coffee is No. 1, but what makes us stand out is the brunch experience.”

Located near Macy’s in Downtown Summerlin, Makers & Finders (2120 Festival Plaza Drive, Suite 140, is setting up shop in a 2,300-square-foot space with indoor and outdoor seating, where patrons can sip those specialty lattes (don’t miss the Lavender Fog) and chow down on the expansive menu, complete with expedited to-go service so customers can eat and sip while shopping.

Summerlin, get ready, because Molina and crew are “ready to rock ‘n’ roll” starting November 1.