Cosmoprof 2017 Product Recap

Cosmoprof North America 2017, Las Vegas, NV

Every July, Cosmoprof North America comes to Las Vegas, spreading beauty supplies and paraphernalia across the Mandalay Bay Convention Center as far as the (heavily mascaraed) eye can see. Vegas Seven attended this year’s event and perused some of the products.

Iconic Style

Time may pass, but the Audrey Hepburn/Grace Kelly magazine spreads live on, proof that some style inspirations span centuries. Battington Lashes names their various styles after stars of the past. It’s an effective move not only in glamour terms, but the “Harlow” or the “Kennedy” tell you a lot more about what kind of look the lash offers than the usual vague “demi” or “doe” appellations. As to the lashes themselves, they’re made of silk for extra flexibility and durability and can be worn up to 50 times.

Creme de Culture fragrances is another beauty company taking inspiration from divas of the past. The series of fragrance oils are inspired by famous women and big moments. That Voice pays homage to opera diva Leontyne Price, with notes of dark chocolate and amber. That Dress is named for a wedding gown and is inspired by both the woman who wore it, Jackie Kennedy, and the woman who created it, pioneering African American designer Ann Lowe; the gardenia-orchid scent is vintage yet modern at the same time.

Crowning Glory

Oil is not usually something you want in your hair, but it is becoming the root of many products, helping to add smoothness and sheen to stressed tresses. Saffron Secret uses saffron oil as the base for their products, including hair oils (including color-protection and curl-defining formulas) that give hair a light hold and plenty of shine, as well as combat heat damage both from the desert environment and styling tools.

Nature Nut products use the oil from argan, macadamia, coconut and Brazil nuts to smooth and soften dry, stressed-out hair with a shampoos and conditioners, as well as serums and masks. The Obliphica hair line is based on the seaberry, which has been used for thousands of years for its healing properties and makes for softer, more manageable hair. The products come in two varieties, fine to medium (orange) and medium to coarse (purple), and include both cleansing/conditioning and styling products.

Masked Marvels

Sheet masks remain the preferred mode of deep treatment and, as per usual, Korean beauty brands lead the way in innovation. Kocostar’s blue lip mask looks like Halloween while it’s on, but leaves a pout that, if not the full Angelina Jolie, is at least plumper and softer. Whamisa’s Organic Seed Hydrogel mask can be a bit slimy and hard to wrestle, but leaves skin smoother and brighter. TCI/Cell Vie makes masks in three layers, the top one designed to make the mask easier to handle and helps treatment serums soak into the skin; the Peach Blossom Stem Cell version leaves moisturized, clearer skin behind. For a more conventional mask, Bloom Mineral Beauty makes a Dead Sea mud version that makes your skin feel superclean and soft—it’s gentle enough that you can put on makeup and go out afterward.

Giving (Better) Face

Natural ingredients continue to be strong selling points for skincare. Feather & Bone’s face wash “tablets” are made from ayurvedic ingredients such as sandalwood and fuller’s earth. Add a little water to the tablets and they foam up—with no containers or liquids to spill, it’s ideal for travel. Another new environmentally attuned brand, Pili Ani is a skincare line from the Philippines that focuses on sustainability and helping local farmers. The products’ key ingredient is the oil from the pili nut, which is high in antioxidants and vitamins A and E; the skin oil makes a good light moisturizer or adds another layer of nourishment under creams. Bonus: The bottle looks more like something that should be on a tray of perfume flacons, rather than in a medicine cabinet full of tubes and jars.

MyChelle Dermaceuticals’ Refining Sugar Cleanser foams up into a soft lather and, while it’s a mild exfoliant, it’s also gentle enough to remove most eye makeup. Their Sun Shield Liquid Tint is a great product for desert dwellers: A sunscreen with SPF 50, it also adds a light tint and matte finish—excellent for when you only want a little coverage but also a smooth, protecting first layer for full-face-of-makeup days. EB5 also makes an alpha-hydroxy exfoliating cleanser, as well as a toner that leaves skin feeling clean without the tight, stripped sensation that some toners leave behind. Every year, Cosmoprof offers more products that take skincare below the chin, with neck and décolletage treatments. Skinn has a Neck Amour leave-on mask, as well as a Fill Me In mask, both specifically designed to soften and smooth that oft-neglected area.

Paint and Powder

Color palettes with their pretty packaging and crayon-box array of tints are always dear to the makeup-lover’s heart. Klara Cosmetics, an Australian brand that boasts of “100% color pigmentation,” offered up an array of nine-color eye shadow sets ranging from purples to browns and blacks. A set of palettes inspired by music festivals includes the vivid technicolors of Burning Man and the desert tones of Coachella. For a full face of product, Manna Kadar Beauty’s Paris Dream palette packs neutral-toned eye shadows, blushes and powders into a case with a whimsical design that carries onto the colors themselves.