The NFL Finally Wants to Team up With the Players’ Union to Study Weed

In football, no pain means no gain. But for the players participating in one of the most violent sports around, that pain affects them long after retirement. And when it comes to avoiding painkillers, players have very few options.

After years of a back-and-forth debate between the NFL Players Association and the NFL about the legitimacy of cannabis as a pain management tool, the NFL has finally come around, deciding the league wants to work in tandem with the union to research the subject.

Over the years, little has changed in the battle between players who want to use cannabis and a league that won’t allow it. In 2014, the two came to an agreement to modify the rules slightly by relaxing the threshold that constitutes a positive marijuana test for players. Players are usually tested once a year during their off season and face suspension if they test positive multiple times. Despite this, word of mouth from players themselves state that marijuana use definitely exists—albeit low-key…

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