Conor McGregor Has a Las Vegas Residency?

Photo by Jon Estrada

Move over Marshmello, here comes McGregor.

In an announcement that harkens back to the days before million-dollar DJs were the Strip’s biggest draw, Wynn Nightlife signed mixed martial artist and (now) boxer Conor McGregor to a two-year residency. McGregor will appear at four post-fight shows at XS Nightclub and Encore Beach Club at night. The first is scheduled for August 26, when he will face Floyd Mayweather at T-Mobile Arena.

We presume that, as host, McGregor’s responsibilities will be taking the mic for a moment to tell everyone how he’s having a great time. Phones will go up, at the very least so fans can snap a pic of whatever McGregor’s wearing. His custom three-piece pinstriped “Fuck You” suit from the first fight presser is now the stuff of legend, and in the ad for his residency he’s sporting a fur coat à la Vin Diesel in XXX.

But the announcement leaves us with questions. McGregor’s obviously getting paid, good for him—but will Las Vegas nightlife again start prioritizing celebrities over performers?

We did this once already. It was called the recession, when just a sliver of notoriety (crashing a White House party, singing about your “Pants on the Ground”) was enough to get you a billboard and red carpet appearance, with the hope that a rubbernecking tourist crowd might pay the cover just to snap a picture.

We’ve come so far since then. Yes, the Brody Jenners and Scott Disicks are still getting the occasional hosting gigs, but for the most part, Las Vegas clubs are enjoying an unprecedented run of award-worthy live performers. Could McGregor assuage our fears and also be a master of the mixing board? Time will tell.