Lip Service: Cutting Board Filipino Gastropub’s Ube Soufflé

This dessert will leave you in a purple haze

Colorful desserts have undoubtedly taken over your Instagram feeds. If you want to rack up the likes yourself, make your way to Cutting Board Filipino Gastropub (2131 Rock Springs Dr.,

Just over a year old, the spacious restaurant puts a modern spin on the Pacific islands’ traditional cuisine, offering pork belly sisig tacos, a longganisa kobe burger and escargot in a spicy coconut sauce, among other unique items. (There’s an equally impressive beer menu to wash it all down.) Cutting Board’s shining star, however, might be its ube soufflé.

This delectable dessert is made with ube, a purple yam with a vibrant hue that’s popular in Filipino cuisine. Because it’s made from scratch, it takes roughly 15 minutes to prepare. Trust us, it’s totally worth the wait.

Dig into its warm, fluffy and gooey core for a bite and your toes will curl. The dish is served with an ube jam and a sweet ube sauce. General manager Tiffany Le suggests cutting the soufflé down the middle, then pouring the sauce inside for optimal delight.

Do your lips a favor and savor the flavor of this sweet treat.

And there’s plenty more where it came from. Cutting Board also offers a similar bibingka (a coconut-rice cake) soufflé, with a pandan soufflé made from the extract of the tropical pandan leaf on the way.

Even sweeter, the restaurant will roll out a new breakfast menu come September 1, featuring ube, mango and coconut pandan pancakes. Get your camera phones ready.