What Are You Doing on Your Day Off?

“I’m going to get a very late start on my currently nonexistent tan at Newport Beach. When I’m not being bronzed, I’ll be riding bikes and playing volleyball.” –Jessie O’Brien, web editor

“After we put this magazine out, I’m going to enjoy my day off with hours of sleep. Once I recollect my energy, I’m going to love myself. Love means eating Buldogis’ delicious gourmet dogs. Following those moments of pure bliss, I will return home and do what everyone does on their day off: take my pants off and be thankful for my ability to labor in the first place.” –Amber Sampson, web editor

“Hang out with my roommate’s dog on Leoné Café’s patio and start on Let the Right One In for The Writer’s Block’s October book club.” –Shannon Miller, editorial assistant

“What’s a ‘day off’?” –Xania Woodman, senior contributing editor, beverage

“I’ll be puppy sitting for all my friends, preferably at houses with pools.” –Kara Dennis, HR manager

“Labor Day is the official end-of-summer holiday, so I’m going to welcome autumn a little early on September 4. A to-go order from Pho Saigon 8 (No. 23 FTW!) and a much-too-early screening of Hocus Pocus is exactly what I need to do that. Forget pumpkin spice lattes; noodle soup is a pho-king amazing way to dive into the season.” –Mark Adams, arts & entertainment editor

“I’m most likely hitting Hiero Day, an annual street festival in Oakland founded by the Hieroglyphics indie-rap collective, to see hip-hop legends like Bun B and DJ Quik, newcomers like Ezale and Saba, and bask in the wonder of Lil B “The Based God.” Of course, I’m a procrastinator, so I haven’t copped my ticket (or flight) yet.” –Zoneil Maharaj, director of digital content