A Local Holocaust Survivor Uses Social Media for Good

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

If you ask Las Vegas resident Ben Lesser about the Holocaust, the survivor will tell you it is one of history’s prime examples of bullying, of hatred, of discrimination. Lesser—who founded The Zachor Holocaust Remembrance Foundation, an organization dedicated to making sure the world never forgets the atrocious genocide—recently launched a new project: I-Shout-Out. An online campaign that aims to eradicate bullying and fuel the world with compassion and kindness, it’s fueled by a fairly simple concept: Speak up and out for those who can’t.

Through “Shout-Outs,” a virtual wall where people submit quick forms stating what they stand for and upload images, Lesser and his team hope to show those who suffer from the many forms of hatred currently pulsing through our society that they are not alone.

Ben Lesser, founder of the ZACHOR Holocaust Remembrance Foundation 

“The movement encourages everyone to stand up and speak out for what they believe in,” explains Robyn Weber, director of marketing. “Whether it’s against bullying, against racism, for freedom or even to never forget the Holocaust, through submitting a Shout-Out and sharing it socially, it unites us to stop intolerance.”

With a goal of 6 million Shout-Outs (a poignant number representing the 6 million Jews who were silenced during the Holocaust), they still have a journey ahead of them. But they are optimistic.

“If everyone shouts-out, we will be one step closer to a peaceful, more tolerant world,” she says.

To learn more or to Shout-Out, visit i-shout-out.org