Get to Know the Next Generation of Fashionable Kids

Hayden Mair

2 years old in October

Anthony Mair

Kenzo jacket, Janie & Jack zip-up hoodie; Ralph Lauren T-shirt; Zara pants; Nike sneakers.

It’s not easy having a father who has a keen eye for beauty and fashion, but Hayden Mair is doing a pretty good job keeping up with his photographer father, Anthony. In fact, the toddler had no problem taking dad’s direction on the set—well, maybe it required some Bruno Mars. When Hayden isn’t in front of the lens, he’s usually having a Jurassic Park moment with one of his many dinosaurs.

Describe your fashion style.

My style is ever-evolving. Mommy used to dress me in the RompHims. She says they were easier to change my diapers in, but now I’ve moved on to big-boy T-shirts and jeans. I like streetwear fashion with fun colors and cool, youthful illustrations. I always like looking polished to follow my English roots.

Dad is used to working with divas, so it must take a lot to drive him crazy. What’s the one thing you do that gets under his skin?

I’m still learning the English language, so sometimes I can’t put into words that I just want my blankie. So I just cry until Daddy tries everything, and eventually he figures it out.

Who has a stronger influence on your style, Mom or Dad, and why?

Daddy has the cool sneakers and hair to look up to, but Mommy picks the special pieces that get me attention on the playground.

Anthony Mair

Finish this sentence: “I never leave home without … ”

My Armani diaper bag—I come prepared. And in the bag, you guessed it, dinosaurs.

Pampers or Huggies?

Pampers Baby Dry always keeps me feeling fresh!

How do you feel about shoes?

I have a cool collection of Nike Air Maxs and Air Jordans.

Biggest wardrobe malfunction?

When I get “oats” stuck on my clothes.

Charlie Rose Evaluna

4 ½ years old

Anthony Mair

I Adorn U necklace; Well Rounded Momma necklace; Baby Gap sweater; Carolina Zapf New York vintage dress; Target tights, socks, boots and fox ears; OshKosh Natural satchel.

Charlie might be the Stella McCartney of Las Vegas. She loves animals so much so that this toddler is vegan. Her healthy lifestyle doesn’t stop there. She enjoys kids yoga at Home Means Yoga and, of course, the great outdoors, where she delights in singing to her animal friends.

Describe your style.

My style is being as cute as I am. I like to switch between “cool” days and “pretty” days. On cool days I wear dark colors and vintage favorites, like my Breakfast Club T-shirt. On pretty days I wear pink tutus and things that shimmer and shine.

What is your go-to outfit?

Overalls, boots and my Sunrise Coffee T-shirt. I hope every day for a chance to get muddy.

The great outdoors or room service?

You know, both are good, but my favorite day would be a playdate with my three brothers and sisters in the forest. I love climbing and exploring in the wild.

Anthony Mair

Is there an accessory you just can’t live without?

I can’t live without my necklaces. I’ve had my amber necklace on since I was 6 months old and they protect me and calm me. I also love my Ruby Dark side of the Moon necklace from local jeweler I Adorn U, because my last name is Evaluna and I adore the moon.

What is the most special piece in your closet?

My nickname is Foxy. My grandma Wendy makes me special clothes with foxes on them. Handmade pieces are always the most special.

Madden Mohammednur, a.k.a. Baby Attack

3 years old in November

Anthony Mair

Zara jacket, shirt and denim pants; Adidas sneakers.

Madden’s father, DJ M!ke Attack, may swing between nightlife and daylife, but his offspring is strictly a cabana kind of kid with a beachy style. If he’s not swimming, he’s hanging at the playground, sending all the toddler hearts aflutter as he cruises by on his four-wheeler or hits up the slide with his signature shades. He’s probably acting like a superhero too—he loves those guys—but the surefire way to get his attention: marshmallows.

Who wins in the ultimate evil fashion showdown, Darth Vader or the Joker?

Darth Vader always wins.

Potty training: Been there, done that; counting the days; or I’m going to keep rocking these diapers?

Been there, done that. Undies for the win.

If you could wear only one thing, what would it be?

My Darth Vader Halloween costume.

Anthony Mair

Daylife or nightlife?

Daylife, because I get to go to school and play with my friends! On my days off I like to go swimming with my mommy and daddy in our pool.

What is your go-to look?

Ripped denim, a T-shirt and Vans.

What is the biggest fashion risk you have taken?

My parents took me to Big Bear once and put me in a full snow outfit. It did keep me warm, though.

Kiarra Lyn Waidelich

12 years old

Anthony Mair

Zara denim dress; Russian Pointe pointe shoes.

Kiarra lives to dance. Her dream is to be a professional ballerina, and she is certainly well on that path as a member of the preprofessional program at The Rock Center for Dance. The Henderson resident, who names Zara, Tilly’s and H&M as her favorite stores, says her style outside of tutus is usually sporty, quirky and casual.

Who is your style icon?

My style icons are Krystal Bick and Emma Watson.

What was it like getting your first pair of pointe shoes?

It was so exciting! I was so happy that day to finally be strong enough to go en pointe. At first my feet weren’t used to it, so it really hurt. But the more I did it, the better I got and the stronger I became.

You love to dance. So which Las Vegas headliner would you like to see, J. Lo or Britney?

J. Lo. She is so inspiring, fierce and so beautiful.

Anthony Mair

What current style trend is just not for you?

Chokers. Maybe it’s because I am a dancer, but they make my neck look short, and I don’t like it.

What is your favorite accessory that you own?

A ring that is shaped like a branch that my mom bought for me during my first regional ballet competition.

Explain your favorite back-to-school look.

My school has a dress code and it can be hard not wearing all the cute shirts that are cut at the shoulders or finding shorts that are long enough, but I find a way to stay within code and keep it interesting. I like wearing a fun, unique shirt with casual jeans and my Converse sneakers.

You have four younger siblings. Tell us how you stay sane.

Honestly, my younger siblings keep me grounded and help me remember to do kid things, because I am still a kid, of course. I like that each one is unique and we have different things that we bond over.