Alejandro Fernández

International Icon Alejandro Fernández Continues Breaking Barriers

The Mexican musician returns to Las Vegas on the heels of his debut album’s 25th anniversary

Last summer, Mexican musician Alejandro Fernández notably shut down a whirlwind of gossip stemming from a photo of him standing topless between two men that was taken at a Las Vegas nightclub. After it went viral and his sexuality came into question, he addressed the photo in a Facebook post, saying it was silly how it became such a big deal. He continued on to address his poor judgment in taking an intimate photo when “phones and sites have sadly ended our privacy and intimacy.”

The event ended up being a teachable moment for Fernández. “I try to keep in touch with my fans and feel close to them, but I remember: What happens in Vegas, stays in Google,” he tells Vegas Seven, in regard to how he decides what to share and what to keep private from his millions of followers.

On September 15, the global superstar returns to Las Vegas to again perform during Mexican Independence Day weekend, taking the stage at T-Mobile Arena as a part of MGM Resorts International and Live Nation’s Fiestas Patrias weekend of concerts. This year also marks the 25th anniversary of Fernández’s self-titled debut album—and since that premiere, the singer has sold more than 30 million albums, won multiple awards and was inducted into Billboard’s Latin Music Hall of Fame.

Of Fernández’s induction, Jesús López, chairman and CEO of Universal Music Latin America & Iberian Peninsula, says, “Alejandro has earned the highest award any artist dreams of: the constant applause of millions of Latinos.”

In honor of his quarter century in music, Fernández released his 16th studio album, Rompiendo Fronteras (Spanish for “breaking Barriers”), which blends the two sounds—traditional ranchera music and contemporary Latin pop—he’s bounced between since he came on the scene. With all of his success, Fernández acknowledges his supporters. “I love my fans and everything they do to follow me and support me,” he says. But the artist also recognizes what he’s missed.

“In this career, there are many sacrifices,” he says. “There have been a lot of family events that I wish I could have been at.”

The son of cultural icon Vicente Fernández, who is regarded as the king of the ranchera sound, Alejandro has also followed his father’s lead in speaking up for Mexican Americans in this challenging political climate. Vicente openly supported Hillary Clinton throughout the election.

“All of the Mexicans who are working in the United States are not alone,” the younger Fernández says. “Mexico lives in the heart of all our people outside and in the United States.”