Seven Things to Know About Broods

Unfamiliar with the New Zealand pop duo? Allow us to introduce you

Some people still aren’t familiar with rising New Zealand pop duo Broods—yet.

In 2013, siblings Caleb and Georgia Nott debuted with “Bridges,” a single that soared to No. 8 on the island nation’s Top 40 singles chart. On the heels of that success, they’ve dropped two LPs, received 10 New Zealand Music Awards and collaborated with chart-toppers such as Tove Lo and pop prodigy Troye Sivan. Before the pair takes the stage at Life Is Beautiful Music & Art Festival, here are seven things to know about them.

1.They make pop music, not club anthems.

Broods isn’t churning out your garden-variety Top 40. Much of what Georgia sings about is poignant, and far removed from the club bangers on the radio, but is still very much pop. This distinction makes the duo’s music a refreshing and relatable listen.

2. Sibling rivalry isn’t their thing.

Caleb and Georgia have been performing together all their lives, and though that could be true about any band, their kinship is what keeps Broods airtight. “We’ve always been these mates. We’ve never really fought,” Caleb says in an interview with Vegas Seven. “If we do disagree, we can be super-blunt and no one gets hurt feelings.”

3. They use their Twitter for good.

There’s no shortage of celebrities using Twitter to speak out on social issues, and this June, Broods joined the club. The Notts tweeted a video of themselves for the New Zealand Human Rights Commission’s Give Nothing to Racism Campaign, with the caption, “We’ll give no power to leaders with racist attitudes.”

“Where we come from in New Zealand, it’s not really a place [where] a lot of people would think that racism exists. But it is there and it’s very subtle,” Caleb tells us. The duo is among many who’ve participated in the campaign, including Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi and actor Sam Neill.

4. They’re foster parents.

OK, OK. Maybe not foster parents to children, but close enough. The Notts recently took in three pit bulls. Caleb says it began with one dog their flatmate got from a guy who had seven in his apartment. One thing led to another and …

“All of a sudden we had three giant pit bulls. They weren’t puppies at all,” he says. “Going from zero pit bulls to three pit bulls is quite a life changing thing. But they’re the sweetest things, and we’re just trying to find them homes before we have to go on a proper tour.”

5. They have lineup favorites.

Broods is already well-acquainted with the Life Is Beautiful lineup. The duo has opened for Haim and Two Door Cinema Club. And in 2016, they released “Heartlines,” a single cowritten by Lorde, who shared Broods’ producer, Joel Little. As to who’s on his must-see list, Caleb doesn’t hesitate: “I can’t wait to see Haim.”

6. They’re getting inspired for new material.

Caleb admits he’s eager to get back into the studio, but meanwhile, he’s allowing other music to inspire him. “I’ve been listening to a lot of chill hip-hop,” he says. “I’m obsessed with Noname at the moment. I think she’s probably one of the coolest people on the planet. And I love the new Gorillaz record.”   

7. Their live show(s) will be killer.

“We have a lot of energy onstage. We start really dark and finish really heavy,” Caleb says, but the duo’s also slated to perform a stripped-down set at Toyota’s Music Den. Georgia’s breathy falsetto is studio-crisp, if not better, when singing these versions of their songs. Both performances are bound to be very different experiences.


Saturday; 4:25 p.m., Downtown Stage; 6 p.m., Toyota Music Den