Stand Out in a Sea of Cutoffs

Festival trends come and go. So what’s in the forecast for this year’s Life Is Beautiful? Our money is on mood hair color. Bold pastel hues have been a mainstay in salons for some time now, but the color-changing dye that goes from one shade to the next with a variation in temperature is the next evolution.

Photography by Krystal Ramirez

Available only during Life Is Beautiful weekend, Atomic Style Lounge is offering the service for $60, which includes a blowout. Like that mood ring from junior high school, purples turn to pinks and greens to yellows, for example. And thanks to the heat of the Las Vegas sun, the mood hair color is sure to make that mane a talking point at the festival. The dye works best on blond hair or layered over light to medium pastel colors, and fades after a wash.

But if you really want to go all out, Atomic is also offering glitter boobs. That’s right: adornment for your breasts. For $150, a body painter decorates the chest area with cosmetic glitter, gemstones and highlighters with optional pasties to go with the design. No shame in freeing the nipple to let the girls come out and play. Glitter accents for the face and body as well as hair roots and beards are also available. 1237 S. Main St.,