Hi Scores Bar-Arcade is an ideal bar for 49ers fans. Photo by Wes Morefield

Where Do You Want to Watch the Game?

If you’re a football fan who has friends who are football fans, get ready to hear that question 15 to 50 times between now and the Super Bowl. Sure, everyone has their Old Faithful bar or sports book, but sometimes Old Faithful gets a little old and you want to try something new. I track Vegas’ deals for a living, and there are plenty of ’em out there attached to football. But of all the options and offers that can entice you to choose one place over another to watch a game, the best might be watching in a bar that supports one of the teams that’s playing.

“Team bars” attract crowds of former residents of, or current visitors from, their chosen squads’ cities (or suburbs), and the combination of lots of fans rooting for the same side with everyone emanating from the same place makes for a super-charged atmosphere in most cases. In fact, it’s kind of cool to pick different bars to try during the course of the season, especially on Thursday, Sunday and Monday nights.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal publishes a yearly roundup, but I’ve maintained my own list for years; last week, my staff at the Las Vegas Advisor called around to confirm which bars were rolling over the tradition and which had fallen out. There are options here that you won’t find in the R-J—or anywhere else, for that matter.

The list that follows has 57 options that cover 22 of the 32 NFL teams (you can find their locations easily online).

49ers—Hi Score Bar-Arcade, Joey’s Tavern, Timbers (W. Azure); Bears—A Slice of Chicago, Brando’s, Rosati’s (two: N. Rainbow, N. Durango), Shucks (N. Durango), Windy City Beefs-N-Pizza, Bar Code; Bills—Johnny Mac’s, Moon Doggies, Stakeout, Time-Out, Town Center Lounge; Broncos—Balboa Pizza, Black Mountain Grill, 4-Mile Bar, Jake’s Bar; Browns—Boulevard Bar & Grill, Giuseppe’s, Kopper Keg West, Tap House; Cardinals Timbers (W. Cheyenne); Chiefs—Blue Diamond Saloon; Cowboys—Mr. D’s, Red Label, Shooters; Dolphins—Tommy Rocker’s; Eagles—Madison Avenue, Torrey Pines Pub; Giants—Sabatino’s, E-String, Johnny Fontane’s; Lions—Crowbar; Packers—Big Dog’s Draft House, Jackson’s, Rum Runner (three: Boulder Hwy., E. Tropicana, E. Desert Inn), The Plate, Timbers (E. Lake Mead); Patriots—Old Vegas Tavern; Raiders—Legends Sports Bar & Grill, Lucy’s Bar & Grill; Rams—Pancho’s Mexican Restaurant; Ravens—Crab Corner; Redskins—Steiner’s Pub (Buffalo), The Tavern; Saints—Lola’s Louisiana Kitchen (N. Town Center Dr.); SeahawksCraftHaus Brewery, Little Crown & Anchor (Spring Mtn.), Scooter’s, Timbers (W. Horizon Ridge); Steelers—Adrenaline Sports Bar, Noreen’s, Timbers (two: Novat and N. Durango); Vikings—Blue Ox Central, Blue Ox Tavern.

The Packers lead the way with seven bars following them, and the Bills are next with five. There are 10 teams without a team tavern: the Bengals, Buccaneers, Chargers, Colts, Falcons, Texans, Jaguars, Jets, Panthers and Titans. For these, just go back to Old Faithful.