Wiz Khalifa Smokes the Competition

The rapper owns the rap game and the weed game.

Wiz Khalifa may be a chart-topping, award-winning rapper, but his reach extends beyond that. Musically, he’s collaborated with everyone from Rick Ross to Fall Out Boy, kicked off his own Taylor Gang Ent. record label and released a bevy of mixtapes and remixes. Furthermore, Wiz is on his way to becoming a mogul in the blooming cannabis industry, with his own Khalifa Kush marijuana strain and Weed Farm mobile game.

“I totally think that me and a lot of other hardworking celebs are responsible for moving things forward, just because we are good examples for all the great things pot can do,” Wiz says. Much like other famed smokers such as scientist Carl Sagan, entrepreneur Steve Jobs and fellow hip-hop hero Snoop Dogg, cannabis has not held Wiz back from international success.

And, of course, weed is now adding to his achievements. Khalifa Kush is sold in three states and locally at Reef dispensaries—where Wiz has been known to stop by to pick up supplies and say hello to fans of all of his work. “I did not really ever think about having my own strain of weed. It’s really kind of cool that that has happened,” he says. “The process was really just me trying to find the best weed in the world that I like, and it turns out a bunch of other people like it, too.” They like it enough that Reef can sell out of Khalifa Kush within 24 hours.

Music and marijuana combine in Wiz’s “Weedmixes,” a line of remixes he has been releasing as appetizers for folks hungry for his Rolling Papers 2 album to hit. But it’s more than that: “The weedmixes are just fun as heck. It’s something that I always did before I got my record deal. I feel like it is my responsibility to the weed community to remix popular songs but just strictly talk about weed on them,” he says.

He’s also combined cannabis and gaming with Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm, in which aspiring moguls can grow their own crops—and their own businesses. “Weed Farm came along because me and everybody that I’m around loves pot. There were a lot of good opportunities in the tech space and I figured we might as well make something that is true to us,” he says. Wiz also points out that he’s releasing updates this week to fit with Las Vegas’ new recreational market. “The [game’s] Vegas tournament is gonna be crazy for sure.”

Of course, that’s not the only Vegas-related thing Wiz is up to this week, as he hits town to headline Life Is Beautiful Music & Art Festival. “I can’t wait to do the festival. I love festivals. All different types of people listening to different kinds of music,” he says, “Some people could give a shit less and some people are there ’cause they love it. So it’s always a good dynamic.”

But, after he’s done performing for the masses, what does Wiz do when he’s in the entertainment capital of the world? “I’m just happy that you can smoke weed and not get in trouble for it. That’s what I like to do in Vegas.”

Wiz Khalifa

Saturday, 11:35 p.m., Ambassador Stage.