Photo by Jesse J Sutherland

On 2 Wheels, 2 Chainz Delivers a Knockout Performance

Prior to the release Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, 2 Chainz short-term leased a house in Atlanta and painted the exterior pink as a promo for the album. Local Atlantans, including myself, and visitors flocked to the Pink Trap House to take photos.

On Friday night at Life Is Beautiful in downtown Las Vegas, 2 Chainz brought the Trap Choir and the Pretty Girls Like Trap Music tour set (sans house) with him, and the vibes were groovy and the performance was top notch.

The DJ began by playing the closing skit off “4 A.M.” before the Trap Choir appeared on stage to sing a beautiful rendition of “Back II Life” that was interrupted by gunshots and a wheelchair-bound 2 Chainz being rolled out on stage rapping the words to “Riverdale Rd.”

Photos by Jesse J Sutherland

Next up was his verse of “No Problem,” one of last summer’s biggest hits, and the perfect appetizer for a crowd that was anxious to see festival headliner Chance the Rapper bless the same Downstage Stage that 2 Chainz was on later that night.

After a blazing intro, the rapper paused to tell the crowd about his wheelchair situation (three weeks away from a full recovery) and a story about how after he got out of surgery, the nurse told him he wouldn’t be able to make his Life Is Beautiful appearance this year. His response was, “bitch, you crazy!” The crowd loved the moment, and surely the rapper did too: After 20 years in the game, 2 Chainz is at the peak of his career and at the point where a broken leg can’t or won’t even keep him down.

Photos by Jesse J Sutherland

After a quick run of the “Rich as F@$^” chorus, he hopped into verses he did with Drake on “All Me” and “No Lie.”

The crowd went to another level immediately afterward when the DJ dropped the beat for “I’m Different,” which was followed by “Watch Out,” where the crowd went even crazier (screams, marijuana smoke, dancing, etc.). After a heartfelt shoutout to all the moms that raised us, 2 Chainz finished with strong performances of “Door Swangin,” “Birthday,” “Issa Vibe,” “Good Drank,” and “4 A.M.”