Photo by Jesse J Sutherland

Drink-182: All the Frozen Things

Ah, life is … a touch hungover this morning, I’m not gonna lie! Despite the mild temperatures at sundown, I hit the frozen blended treats a tad hard on Day 1 of Life is Beautiful. Just because I could.

Naturally, the first stop was to visit the Tito’s Handmade Vodka activation, where the branded #titosontour Airstream was cracked open wide, revealing a fully stocked swag bar and offering lawn games such as giant Jenga and something like a cross between Skee-Ball and putt-putt golf. Next door, the lines stretched long for the Tito’s bar, which was serving the official festival cocktail, the Tito’s Festival Mule, but also a Tito’s Iced Tea and Cool as a Cucumber, a frozen cucumber-y mule with pleeenty of ginger heat. (I should note that all the Tito’s in the world couldn’t help this putter win herself a sweet Tito’s fanny pack. I will try my luck again tomorrow…)

Next stop was another Life Is Beautiful first. I heard it through the grapevine that there was frosé on property, and may have nearly tripped over a few groups of squatting attendees tucking into their Chipotle on my way to the Western Hotel. Inside, sure enough, Notorious Pink had the good stuff, topped with two fresh rose petals. If you’re looking for completely legal uppers, Makers & Finders has a pop-up inside the Western, too, with fancy coffee drinks including their signature lavender latte but also just black coffee. And outside, at the Red Bull bar, you can find the frozen Orange Julius, which features the tangerine edition of the energy drink and pretty much tastes like tween-age shopping mall freedom.

Finally, over by the Ferris wheel, you’ll find fifth-year sponsor Jack Daniel’s holding court with yet another Airstream, this one offering an all-frozen specialty menu, including the Peach Dandy, Fire & Ice, the caffeinated Perks of the Job (with or without whipped cream) and, of course, an ingenious frosty Jack & Coke. I’ve got chills just thinking about tomorrow! Or maybe that’s just the frozen bevvies.