Five Most Unexpected Festival Foods

Hawaiian Honey Cones

Hailing from Waipahu, Oahu, Hawaiian Honey Cones J-shaped corn-based cone is pumped with Hokkaido ice cream in the hollow center. The ice cream is made with the famous Hokkaido milk of Japan, while the cones are handmade in Hawaii and are here on the mainland for the first time at Life is Beautiful. Grab the “ice cream and cone in every bite” for $7

Mad Dumplings

Another Life is Beautiful first-timer is Mad Dumplings. The Orange County tastemaker rolls into the festival with fried pork belly longaniza dumplings. For $12, a handy to-go carton is filled with sweet Philippines-inspired pork, topped with grilled pork belly and fresh jalapeños for a bite of heat.

Rick Moonen’s RM Seafood

Serving up sea-dwelling fare, Rick Moonen’s RM Seafood is also offering an unexpected surprise in comfort food chicken pot pie nuggets for $12. It’s a feel good creamy filling of chicken, peas and carrots that can double as a warm hug after too much to drink. It’s served hot, so bite carefully to allow it to cool, and beware of the squirt factor.


It may be Suzy Davis and StripChezze’s fourth year at Life is Beautiful, but the truck that specializes in cheesy bites continues to tantalize the senses. Daddy’s on a Roll is deep-fried, three cheese (provolone, cheddar, mozzarella) mac n’ cheese egg rolls served with a side of Kimchi sauce for $12.

50 Shades of Tastier  

“There is no sincerer love than the food of love,” says George Bernard Shaw and the folks at 50 Shades of Tastier back this quote up on their truck and on their menu. And this sincere love comes in the form of healthy fare. And the fried goat cheese salad, which offers panko-crusted goat cheese with seasonal raspberries over field greens for $10, is where you say enough with the greasy-fried options elsewhere.