Lorde Really Is a Stick of “Homemade Dynamite”

September 22, Life Is Beautiful at Downtown Stage

Lorde. Photo by Jesse J. Sutherland

Few artists can saunter onstage as calm, cool and collectively worshipped as Lorde. The New Zealand songstress appeared unflappably in her element, all elbows and spastic dance moves as she unfurled her set with “Tennis Court” and the entrancing “Magnets.”

Spectacle took a backseat to performance art as dancers pantomimed the songs through interpretive dance. During “Hard Feelings,” Lorde joined in, looking as elated as she did the night of her silent routine at the 2017 Video Music Awards. She made the most of the night, mixing Melodrama with Pure Heroine for an explosive 15-song-set. She jumped throughout “Ribs,” sank to her knees during “Supercut” and serenaded from the steps for “Liability.”

Even when Lorde wasn’t putting on a show, she was still putting on a show. Between songs, the singer delivered an affable amount of stage banter. From shameless confessions (“I feel like this is where the freaks are in America.”) to ramblings about a crush (“It’s so fucking sweet and ridiculous, but at the same time you hate them. They’re taking too long to text back and you’re like ‘fuck off.’”), Lorde left a lasting impression. And in a pop prodigy of her stature, we expected— and received—nothing less.


Set list

Tennis Court
Magnets (Disclosure)
400 Lux
Hard Feelings
Buzzcut Season
Homemade Dynamite
The Louvre
Perfect Places
Green Light