7 Places to Instagram During Life is Beautiful

Want to capture the perfect festival memory? Here are seven places from Life is Beautiful worthy of your Instagram feed.

Photo by Cierra Pedro

1. Life is Beautiful Sign

What better way to commemorate your experience than in front of these larger than life, strobe lit, confetti characters. Adjacent to the grub trucks and taste tents, these enduring words make for a great photo op while you wait for your food order or as you peruse down the streets of the festival grounds.

2. Kalliope Art Car

Take some selfies in front of this compact neon illuminated stage to showcase an interactive concert experience. Tucked away from the heavy traffic and the large crowds that accumulate some of the main stages, this spot is sure to encapsulate the variety of performances at the event.

Photo by Jesse J. Sutherland

3. Okuda San Miguel’s Bear Sculpture

In the center of a lot near Steward and 7th Streets, where festivalgoers can chill on makeshift grass, this kaleidoscopic glacial creature is a great way to expose the cool art that is on every corner. The easygoing vibe of the area makes for a shot that can be captured without the crowds blocking the view.

Photo by Cierra Pedro

4. Crime on Canvas at The Western

Capture some of the unconventional and eclectic pieces crafted by artists from all over to promote the artistic side of the festival. The bright lighting and open space give you the opportunity to take pictures that won’t need much editing—not that you do that kind of thing.

Photo by Cierra Pedro

5. Life is Beautiful Flower Ring

This might very well be the official Instagram-taking spot, so light up your feed with a picture in the center of this neon-lit hoop, located in front of the Ferris wheel across from the Downtown stage. Pose at your discretion.

6. Forest House Art Car

For a high-energy, jungle vibe, this tree-house platform is a great spot for an unconventional festival pic. The stage is in a gated area high above the masses. Angle your camera high to get some of the festival’s DJs on this electrifying stage.

Photo by Cierra Pedro

7. The Murals

Any and every mural at the festival is worthy of your Insta feed. It’s what you do in front of them that makes it stand out. Yoga poses, cartwheels, kissing your significant other. Pick your favorite street art and get that peace sign ready—#lifeisbeautiful.