Overheard at Life is Beautiful 2017

Photo by Jesse J. Sutherland

Life is Beautiful brought out the best and the worst from people. Here’s what we picked up over the weekend—compliments, commentary and complaints.


“Hoodies are flying off the shelves.” —Woman on The Plaza platform in reference to the chilly weather.

“Let’s give it up for that guy. That was the most saving grace thing that’s ever happened to me. He said ‘I don’t know you guys very well but flip me off and I’ll give you a guitar.’” —Anthony Krantz of The American Weather about stagehand who brought him a second guitar

“Are you beautiful? Fuck yeah! That’s what you always say. It fools them.” —Davey Havok of Dreamcar

“Thank you for not punching me when I touched your faces (while performing “All of the Dead Girls.”) What a liberty the singer takes.” —Davey Havok of Dreamcar to fans in the front row

“HAHAHA.” —a security guard in the photo pit seconds after 2 Chainz recited the lyric, “My side chick got pregnant by her main dude, and I’m offended,” from “Blue Cheese”

“Just gimme the light!” —Man passing Ambassador Stage before Sean Paul’s performance

“How you feeling tonight? Imma tell you something. We have been touring for about 20 years and we’re a little deaf. How are you feeling?!” —Sean Paul

“I’ve never seen a drug overdose before, but I kind of want to.” —Overheard standing in line at Truffles N’ Bacon.

“If Justin Bieber came out right now, I’d just pee my pants.” —Overheard at Chance the Rapper

“Charlie Brown, the original fuck boy.” —Woman walking past the Peanuts mural

“But where’s the pot?!” —Woman to her friend as they wandered around the first floor of the High Times Village

“I’d never want to do acid at this festival.” —Overheard in High Times Village

“What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done for a guy?”
“Had sex with him.” Conversation between two women 

“Do you put the seasoning packet in before or after … ?” —Woman to a man dressed up as a Ramen Noodle pack

“It’s like The Craft went to prom.” —Woman commenting on Lorde’s black sheer dress during her set at Downtown Stage

“White people with no shoes. That’s fucking gross, bro.” —A festivalgoer during Sean Paul’s performance


“This is the best fucking festival we’ve ever been to. There’s a dog!” —Sigrid in the middle of performing at Huntridge Stage

“He’s dressed like a Care Bear, he’s dressed like a Care Bear.” —Woman to her friend as a man in a pink Care Bear suit walked by Huntridge Stage

“I’m the princess of punk, and she’s the tooth fairy.” — Overheard while walking

“The first time I ever did drugs, I knew that they worked.” —Overheard at Schoolboy Q’s set

“Please don’t press charges.” —Lil Dicky after giving a woman a lap dance onstage during “Lemme Freak.”

“Who lays it down? MUSE LAYS IT DOWN.” —Man in the GA section of Muse

“Her sugar daddy bought her a ticket. Though it was just general admission so he can’t be that rich.” —Overheard while walking.

“But I’m a DJ.” —Supposed DJ says to security person after being denied entrance to the artist hospitality room

“I’ve lost a lot of money here. I’m trying to win it back. That’s why I’m doing this show.” —Jacob Banks during his performance on the Ambassador Stage

“I can see he’s nerdy-looking from all the way over here.” —Woman watching Lil Dicky on the Ambassador stage near Atomic Liquors

“Y’all got some weed on y’all tonight? —Wiz Khalifa during his performance on the Ambassador Stage


“Before I leave, I’d like to present to you my magnum opus.” —  Vince Staples before performing the song that launched an infamous and hilarious YouTube rant … and Staples’ Sprite endorsement, “Norf Norf”

“Why the fuck ya’ll separated? What the fuck is this shit?” —  One of the members of De la Soul in reference to the VIP and GA sections

“Leave them up there, don’t get tired. Stop eating those fucking hot dogs.” —  One of the members of De la Soul telling the audience to keep their hands in the air during a song.

“Little dark. You’ve got a lot of testicle shadow on you.” —  Guy trying to take his friend’s photo in an Art Motel room.

I really wish we were on acid right now.”
Me too.”
Pop a molly.” Conversation between two guys at Art Motel

“This is where Four Loko comes from.” —  Woman while looking at the Slime Room inside the Art Motel.

“No fucking way no one has cocaine here … no fucking way.” —  Pop punk-looking guy in suspenders with a mohawk

“Oh yeah, I’m working on growing my own strain of marijuana. I’ve been doing it since I was 11. It’s like tying your shoes, you know?” — Overheard while walking

“You’re promoting Lyft? Fuck you, Rachel, you know I work for Uber!” —  Woman to her friend inside of Art Motel

“Do you have a Heineken in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?” —  Overheard walking past Okuda San Miguel mural

“Some of these people aren’t even smoking good pot.” —  Overheard at Huntridge Stage

“They’re like the female Hanson.” —  Overheard during Haim’s set

“I’ve already picked out three hot guys I’m gonna make out with tonight. And three hot girls.” —  Este of Haim

“He reminds me of my friend I used to make out with.” —  Woman in reference to Damon Albarn of Gorillaz