Rachel Platten Discusses Overcoming Insecurity at Life is Beautiful

You wouldn’t expect a pop superstar with chart-topping songs to have many insecurities, but sometimes the “Celebs: They’re Just Like Us!” line really rings true. That’s what attendees at Life is Beautiful Music & Art Festival found out on Sunday, when singer-songwriter Rachel Platten shared her story as part of the weekend’s speaker series.

While informing the audience about the work she does with I Am That Girl, a non-profit that mentors young women, Platten also discussed how she deals with shame, embarrassment and insecurity.

The star likened shame to a balloon—”as soon as you expose it, it deflates,” she said. Platten shared that I Am That Girl meetings begin with each attendee sharing why they’re a badass. She advised the crowd to do the same—and to take ownership of situations that aren’t ideal in order to realize how strong one really is.

She also touched on the subject of social media, saying that she sometimes feels bad after scrolling through her channels—one constantly compares what they’re going through with what others are sharing on sites like Facebook. “You need to find a safer space,” she said, adding that one can join organizations like I Am That Girl, or even start their own organization, to feel more comfortable in their own skin.

Platten ended her talk encouraging festivalgoers to be their true selves. “Hey, maybe I don’t need to try being anyone else other than who I am,” she said, adding that one should be OK with not being familiar with the next band they would see at the festival or not knowing the lyrics to one of the band’s songs. “Maybe you can just take the rest of the week and just be you.”