The xx Sees You

The British trio spread a message of connection and love for one another at Life is Beautufiul

Jesse J Sutherland

Sunday night at Downtown Stage, The xx showed that it still relies on stripped sounds thoughtfully put together. The UK trio kicked off a tour for their third album early this year, stopping at Life Is Beautiful on September 24. In addition to showing how much we still love their older music, the trio seems to have grown into their individual personas as well.

To open, the band returned to their 2009 debut album—“Intro,” “Crystalised” and “Islands”—soon followed by tracks from I See You: “Dangerous” and “I Dare You.” Romy Madley Croft went solo for her song “Performance,” also from the new album, taking on a vulnerability that resonated throughout the set.

Photos by Jesse J Sutherland

Classics like “Infinity,” and “VCR” reined the crowd back in before Oliver Sim gave a solo performance of “Fiction,” dedicating it to all the single people, as opposed to couples, in the audience. Much love.

For the climax, Jamie XX’s ‘Loud Places” stoked the fire that was “On Hold.” “Angels” served for the cool-down and closer. The set was a well-balanced medley of old and new. Sim’s love song for single people, performances of each member’s solo work and “On Hold” all helped convey the new album’s message of finding love and connection in a sometimes scary world.