Ragged-voiced Danzig Still Thrills Brooklyn Bowl

An underrated crooner, Danzig wields a voice that has, in recent years, gone a tad two-dimensional outside the controlled studio setting. Add a case of strep throat to the Misfits mastermind’s diminished attack, and you have the potential for failure. Luckily for fans, Danzig was physically up to the task, karate-slashing the air throughout his 12-song set, and backed by a ferocious band that includes guitarist Tommy Victor (Prong, Ministry).

His best material still lies in the four classic ’90s discs, and the mosh-crazed crowd went berserk during “Twist of Cain” and the brilliant Danzig III triptych of “Godless,” “Dirty Black Summer” and “How the Gods Kill.” He relied heavily on singing fans to carry him through the latter, a melodic ballad that roars into a stomping rocker.

In terms of songwriting, his bluesy, tuneful style isn’t much different from retro-popster Chris Isaak’s, which can be aurally frustrating since Danzig and his band’s pulverizing attack offers only one setting (full-throttle). It gets monotonous quickly, and you might long for a splash of piano. Of course, it didn’t bother the few hundred mouthbreathers who gathered in honor of a true rock ’n’ roll iconoclast. He forbids phones during shows, writes horror comics in his spare time and banter-encourages his audience to “never give up.” Hopefully, he’ll be in prime form next time.

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