Jimmy Lavant Uses Social Media to Define His Style

Krystal Ramirez

Jimmy Lavant

Fashion influencer, @jimmylavantgarde

As a style influencer, companies frequently approach you to collaborate. When did you get into curating your look, and how did it transition to a job as an influencer? I got into [fashion] when I was younger. I thought it was cool to have the newest Jordans, Reebok Pumps, Allen Iverson’s, then I grew into streetwear. I like styles that have a different feel to them. Over time, I started getting a lot of feedback on my looks from friends and strangers on Instagram. Then when everyone started asking me for advice [on styling] I realized I was an influential figure to people.

You work with many indie and mainstream apparel brands, most recently signing a sponsorship with Forever 21 earlier this year. How did that relationship come about? It was crazy how it happened. I told myself this year I would do a collaboration with Forever 21. I had been posting photos on Instagram rocking their gear, and next thing I knew an email came from them asking to work together. Then the paperwork came. It was a fast moment.

You’ve defined your particular style as street luxury. How important is individuality when it comes to your work? I’m very eccentric when it comes to creating outfits and photos. I want people to look at my work and be inspired to be themselves. My favorite part of the process is how I feel knowing the outfit I created was all me and no one else. I want people to take away that it’s good to be you. Whether you’re interesting or weird, use it to your will.

How do you hope to influence street style in Las Vegas? The street culture in Vegas is starting to come up slowly, but I still see people wearing the same designers. I want to start my own street luxury brand and open a boutique near the Strip. I want to get everyone out of this idea that you’re only cool if you have designer brands, when really [street style] is about your creativity.