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Sexy Carnival Clowns to Haunt Drai’s ‘Horror Story’

The Cromwell's nightclub flies its freak flag for Halloween.

Pop culture has been killing the image of the clown for years. Drai’s Nightclub is going to make clowns sexy again.

The Cromwell’s rooftop venue is adapting a haunted-carnival theme—dubbed “Horror Story”—for this year’s Halloween festivities, a five-night party that runs October 26–29 and 31.

“It’s going to have everything you’ll see in a circus—contortionists, jugglers, clowns—but it’s on another level. It’s a Drai’s circus,” says Robbie Hardy, who oversees creative production and artist hospitality for the venue.

Robbie Hardy by Francis and Francis

For months, Hardy and the rest of the Drai’s team have been planning for October’s biggest weekend, when hordes of costumed locals and visitors can roam shame-free through the city’s nightclubs, pretending to be someone else.

With only a few days until Halloween, Hardy is busy finalizing outfits for the famed Drai’s Dirty Dancers, the scantily clad in-house stage act that will don all variations of clown makeup (including mime) in an attempt to spice up the image sullied by the likes of Pennywise, Krusty and Doink.

The rest of Drai’s will be outfitted in a circus theme with surprises that Hardy will not unveil before the big weekend.

No one is keeping the entertainment lineup a secret. Drai’s has rolled out a Halloween lineup of resident artists that even the worst coulrophobics couldn’t refuse.

Las Vegas DJ Crooked goes on Thursday night, with Trey Songz, Future and Lil Wayne taking the stage Friday, Saturday and Sunday, respectively.

Rae Sremmurd, who just dropped their latest track, “Perplexing Pegasus,” in August, will wrap the festivities October 31. The night includes a group themed costume contest—parties of three or more—with a $10,000 prize going to the winner.

The “Horror Story” theme has already been relayed to the artists, Hardy says, so don’t be surprised to see them join the party in costume.

Does that mean Trey Songz will pay homage to his Texas Chainsaw 3-D role by appearing in a Leatherface getup? It’s Halloween; anything can happen.

“We ask the residents to participate, and they usually do,” Hardy explains. “It’s always fun when people get to dress up and not be themselves.”

As for her costume?

“I like to go with the theme, but I don’t go full-costume,” she replies. “People need to know I’m still working. I’ll probably let them throw some clown makeup on me, but I won’t go crazy.”