Tegan and Sara Bring ‘The Con X’ to Pearl Concert Theater

Bryan Steffy

You’d be forgiven if you’ve forgotten all of the lyrics from Tegan and Sara’s acclaimed 2007 album, The Con. After all, it’s been 10 years, and the Canadian siblings have put out three records since, while also appearing at Life is Beautiful 2016 and performing that awesome song from The Lego Movie.

Fans who needed a refresher (or just haven’t heard “Hop a Plane” performed live in a while) found their places early ahead of Tegan and Sara’s October 21 The Con X tour stop at Pearl Concert Theater inside The Palms. Opening with “I Was Married,” they instantly transported fans back 10 years, or to the first time they’d heard “The muscles felt so long, to control against the pull of one magnet to another magnet, to another magnet.”

Isn’t that what we love about these anniversary shows? When the nostalgia rushes over and you’re taken back to that place and time?

It only got better from there, with the twins carrying the crowd through the rest of The Con. From “Relief Next to Me” to “Call It Off,” fans hung on every lyric, cheering the sisters for playing tracks that, they themselves admit, haven’t been performed live in years.

“With The Con it was obvious we had turned a corner and hit an open stretch of highway—it was our first fully-realized Tegan and Sara record,” they wrote on their website when announcing the tour. “The album was written about love, death, fear and anxiety, and 10 years later we continue to be amazed by how much it touched people.”

After finishing The Con, the duo rewarded the crowd with some of their better-known hits, including “Now I’m All Messed Up” and “Closer” from their 2013 smash Heartthrob. The latter served as the night’s finale, which coincidentally was the same song that ended their Life Is Beautiful show.

The twins announced the tour in June in support of the Tegan and Sara Foundation, the charitable effort launched following the 2016 U.S. presidential election, which benefits LGBTQ girls and women.

In addition to the tour, Tegan and Sara dropped The Con X: Covers in September, featuring front to back covers of their album performed by artists “who were either outspoken allies of the LGBTQ community or LGBTQ themselves,” including Kelly Lee Owens, Ryan Adams and Sara Bareilles.

Proceeds from The Con X: Covers sales are also supporting the Tegan and Sara Foundation.

Photos by Bryan Steffy

Set List

  1. I Was Married
  2. Relief Next to Me
  3. The Con
  4. Knife Going In
  5. Are You Ten Years Ago
  6. Back In Your Head
  7. Hop a Plane
  8. Soil, Soil
  9. Burn Your Life Down
  10. Nineteen
  11. Floorplan
  12. Like O, Like H
  13. Dark Come Soon
  14. Call it Off
  15. Now I’m All Messed Up
  16. The Ocean
  17. White Knuckles
  18. Living Room
  19. Bad Ones (Matthew Dear cover)
  20. Red Belt
  21. Closer