Halloween 2016 at Hakkasan. | Photo by Joe Janet

Ghosts of Halloween Parties Past

With Halloween creeping up, Las Vegas' nightclubs are primed for some of their best parties of the year. Here’s a look back at a few of the most bewitching and ghoulish blowouts told by the nightlife execs who lived 'em

Wynn Nightlife

Ronn Nicolli, senior executive director of marketing

Party of the Past: In 2016, Intrigue, XS and Surrender transformed into “Wynnderland,” presenting a modern twist to the classic Alice in Wonderland story with several nights of parties celebrating Halloween. It was the first time all three Wynn Nightlife clubs were thematically unified under the same concept. Each venue was decorated differently to create exclusive experiences throughout Halloween week. It was so successful that we’re doing it again this Halloween with a Mad Max-inspired theme.

Costume All-Stars: There were so many imaginative costumes. One in particular that stands out was a “Human Gerbil” who made her way around the club in a giant gerbil ball. There were plenty of sexy goblin and ghoul costumes as well.

Signatures of the Night: At Intrigue, guests made their way down the winding staircase into the Intrigue Rabbit Hole where giant gold clocks and antique frames filled the room. XS transformed into the Queen’s Garden, lined with large stone walls and rose bushes. A red and black card army guarded the entrance, red and white roses filled the DJ booth and massive chess pieces could be seen from every angle. Surrender became a Mad Tea Party scene: Giant tea pots, tea cups,and bright, vivid lanterns hanging from the ceilings illuminated the club. Servers were all dressed up in various characters from the classic storybook.

Dare to Dress?: I did my own take on the Mad Hatter.

Spookiest Song: We had big names like Marshmello, Skrillex, Diplo, Alesso, Dillon Francis and RL Grime, among other top resident DJs, providing the soundtrack during Halloween week.

Halloween Town: Las Vegas is already a fantasy-land, a place where people come to have fun and leave their worries and inhibitions behind. Dressing up in costumes only seems to amplify this spirit as our Halloween parties are always extra wild and fun. Las Vegas has become the premier destination for Halloween in the country.

1 OAK Nightclub

Eli Pacino, managing partner

Alex Loucas

Party of the Past: My favorite Halloween party would have to be in 2015 when we hosted the “Fun-OAK Haunted Funhouse” with Nicki Minaj. The atmosphere was incredible that night, and Nikki being there in costume really added to the party. We also hosted a “Sexiest Costume” contest, which brought everyone out in some of the best costumes I have ever seen.

Costume All-Stars: Halloween always brings out some crazy costumes, but Nikki definitely looked amazing  dressed as princess. She went all out with the tutu, crown and magic wand, and stayed in character all night.

Signatures of the Night: The entire club was transformed into a haunted funhouse and the staff really had a good time dressing up in the theme.  Our cocktail servers had the most fun, I think. They got so creative with their makeup and costumes turning themselves into scary clowns. They all looked amazing.

Dare to Dress?: Of course, I was a circus ring leader. It’s one of my favorite costumes.

Spookiest Song: It was definitely a Nicki Minaj-focused night. Anytime a song of hers came on the crowd went crazy. She surprised everyone with an impromptu performance. She took over the mic and sang along to a few of her tracks.

Light Nightclub

Natalia Harris, marketing director

Party of the Past: The 2015 Forbidden Ball. This was our first big event after Play Management took over Light Nightclub. We partnered with treats! magazine and the party was truly incredible, had great energy and tons of gorgeous models. We also worked really closely with everyone at the Mandalay Bay and Delano and hosted a fun dinner party at Rivea and Skyfall to kick-off the night.

Costume All-Stars: Ludacris and his wife were fully decked out! Ludacris was an immortal warrior from the movie 300 and his wife was Queen Artemisia.

Signatures of the Night: The theme was very Eyes Wide Shut meets Cinderella’s Ball as the venue was transformed into a sexy ballroom. The tables were accessorized with whips and furry handcuffs. We had various vignettes and atmosphere areas set up where guests could interact with models and take pictures. There were rhinestone columns with fake fire coming off the tops and down the staircases. Everything was to theme from the server outfits to the stilt walkers and even the aerial act. Our aerialists were dressed in ball gowns and guests received masks upon entry.  

Ghoulish Guests: Ludacris and his wife Eudoxi Bridges, Scott Eastwood and Ryan Seacrest were some of our stand-out guests.

Halloween Town: Vegas does everything big and Halloween is no different. It is my favorite event to plan all year. The production, the props, the entertainment … the eye candy! 

Tao Nightclub

Michael Snedegar, director of entertainment marketing

Party of the Past: Heidi Klum’s Halloween Party in 2011. Heidi’s Halloween parties are infamous, and she had never done Las Vegas before. It was a big get for us and garnered international press.

Costume All-Stars: Heidi’s costume was a human body with no skin and the photos and video went everywhere. She was in makeup for hours that day, and she was wheeled onto the red carpet on a gurney! She commits 1000 percent and it was amazing.

Signatures of the Night: Décor was dark with pumpkins, orange lights, skeletons, hanging ghosts and a live spirit who flew over the dancefloor and scared people. The cocktail servers were all in black lingerie.

Dare to Dress?: I dressed up as Mr. Incredible.

Spookiest Song: Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love.” Heidi had her favorite DJ, Questlove, at the party.

Ghoulish Guests: We had several huge costumes show up, including a few transformers that were 8-feet tall.

Omnia Nightclub

Sal Wise, executive director of marketing

Party of the Past: One party that really stands out to me took place over Omnia’s first-ever Halloween weekend in 2015. The theme of the weekend was Phantom of the Opera-inspired, but during its Tuesday industry night Heart of Omnia hosted the “I Hear Dead People” party, which turned out to be one for the books.

Costume All-Stars: There were too many great costumes to count because everyone really got into the theme. Nearly every person there was in some kind of elaborate costume honoring a past music icon.

Signatures of the Night: The concept of the party focused on only playing music from late musicians, which meant throwback hits were being played all night. The best part of the evening were the performances by Michael Jackson and Tupac impersonators. They both got on stage to perform classic songs, including “Thriller” and “All Eyes On Me.” They had the entire room singing and dancing along.

Dare to Dress?: I went as Elvis from the ’80s.

Halloween Town: As the entertainment capital of the world, tourists come to Vegas for Halloween to party non-stop over the entire weekend, not just one night. With so many great minds thinking of innovative events, people looking to party have a ton of great options to choose from all within a close proximity to one another.

Chateau Nightclub & Rooftop

Danny Curro, general manager

Party of the Past: My favorite Halloween party at Chateau is last year’s Golden Ticket Party—a play on the character of Willy Wonka. Each guest that attended received one dark chocolate bar from HEXX Chocolate + Confexxions upon entry. Guests were awarded additional chocolate bars when purchasing bottles. Among all of the hundreds of chocolate bars given out, there were only 10 Golden Tickets. The lucky ones who found the tickets were then put into a raffle to win some prizes, one of which was a specialty engraved, six-liter bottle of Veuve Clicquot Champagne.

Costume All-Stars: Every year guests surprise me with great outfits, but there is one that I particularly enjoyed: Danny DeVito. It was definitely the best and funniest costume, because he always looks like Danny DeVito. He’s seen around town every year during Halloween season, and last year was no exception.

Dare to Dress?: I decided to wear my regular clothes to make sure I could cater to all the guests and help with keeping the night smooth. At home it was a whole other story—I rocked a bunny rabbit onesie.

Spookiest Song: For the Golden Ticket Party, we wanted to give a full Vegas experience to our guests, so we went for our very own DJ Bayati. He truly lit the party up with original tracks and remixes throughout the whole night. I don’t recall a particular anthem for the night because Bayati was killing it with every song.

Halloween Town: To many people, visiting Las Vegas is so much more than just a trip or a get-away. Vegas is an experience, so the people that come here want to experience it to the fullest. Halloween is one of the best [times] to enjoy this city.

Hakkasan Nightclub

Paulina Dimaguila, senior marketing manager

Joe Janet

Party of the Past: The “Watchers of the Wall” party from last year was my favorite event we’ve done so far. With the popularity surrounding Game of Thrones, it was a fun and unique theme that everyone, including staff, artists and guests alike really enjoyed. We expect this year to be even better as the theme continues with our “Beyond the Wall” party series, which plays on the fire and ice elements of the show.

Signatures of the Night: Almost every aspect of Hakkasan was transformed to fit the theme, which made it an immersive experience for guests. The cocktail waitresses were dressed in sexy medieval princess costumes, or opted to take inspiration from Khaleesi’s character on GOT. The hosts dressed up as members of the Night’s Watch. Even the featured artists from the weekend got in on the theme and came dressed in medieval costumes. As far as decorations go, the outside of Hakkasan was transformed to match “The Wall” from the series featuring shadows of dragons and silhouettes of ladders. The inside of the club had three colossal banners draping down from the mezzanine level embedded with the venue’s logo.

Dare to Dress?: I dressed up as [Khaleesi] Daenerys Targaryen, complete with a blond wig and a dragon sitting on my shoulder.

Ghoulish Guests: The celebrities from this holiday weekend were definitely the headlining artists. We had a packed lineup including Jauz, The Chainsmokers, Tiësto and Calvin Harris, and each night was better than the last.

Halloween Town: Halloween is not just a holiday in Las Vegas; it’s one of the biggest parties of the year. The city goes all out when it comes to themes, decorations and activities for local and tourists to enjoy. From beautiful people competing in costume contests with huge cash prizes on the line to seeing your favorite DJ decked out in an elaborate costume keeping the party going, Halloween is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Las Vegas.

Marquee Nightclub

Andrew Insigne, director of event marketing

Party of the Past: “Marquee Presents the Electro of Oz: You’re Not in Kansas Anymore” in 2012. This was the first Halloween party I helped produce at Marquee Las Vegas. There was a full stage production, including a captive story line, custom costuming for the narrative, a full visual package, special SFX, venue-wide décor and staff outfits. As a child, I loved the story of the Wizard of Oz and to see a completely eclectic interpretation of it for a Halloween party inside a Vegas nightclub was absolutely mind-blowing.

Costume All-Stars: My favorite costume from that party was actually from the show. One of the dancers was outfitted in a lace jumpsuit, her torso strapped with a custom body harness made of artificial bones, a long tail wrapped around one slender leg and a voluminous textured blond wig as her “lion mane.” A sexy and alluring take on the not-so Cowardly Lion character from the Wizard of Oz.

Signatures of the Night: Custom costuming for the dancers, all the staff were outfitted representing the different characters from the story, venue-wide décor transforming the main room into the scene of the tornado that swept the house away to the magical wonderland of Oz. The décor also featured some statement pieces donated from a few Downtown Las Vegas artists.

Ghoulish Guests: The lineup at Marquee Las Vegas featured two of my favorite DJs: Kaskade and Benny Benassi. It was also my first time working directly with them and their [teams] so it was definitely a memorable weekend.

Halloween Town: Las Vegas is already an escape from reality for the majority of visitors to the city. Be who you want to be—what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Halloween in Las Vegas takes that to the next level, which is why we see our venues packed with costumed guests every year. You’re really not in Kansas anymore!