Let These Las Vegas Nightclub Themes Inspire Your Halloween Attire

Sex sells, but creativity counts, too.

For those who think Halloween in Las Vegas is all about showing as much skin as possible, let us remind you that last year, Martin Garrix put on a show at Omnia Nightclub in a chicken costume.

So before you take a pair of scissors to your Halloween wardrobe, consider what you could do with some of these themes.

Beyond the Wall: Hakkasan Las Vegas

MGM Grand’s megaclub brings back its medieval theme with “Beyond the Wall,” featuring castlelike banners hanging from the mezzanine level and staff dressed for the Renaissance fair.

Game of Thrones might be your first instinct when it comes to a costume, but take it a step further. Try something from Dungeons & Dragons or Snow White and the Huntsman. Hell, even Transformers went back to the Arthurian times this year. Maybe you could go as medieval Bumblebee?

Hakkasan’s Halloween weekend entertainment lineup includes Lil Jon on October 27, Kaskade on October 28 and Above and Beyond on October 29, so what about a medieval Lil Jon costume?


Phantom: The Mask Comes Off: Omnia Nightclub

Omnia concludes its Phantom-inspired trilogy of Halloween events this year, with performances by Calvin Harris on October 27, Zedd on October 28 and Kaskade on Halloween. Guests will find a single red rose at every table, and staff will be dressed in all black with Phantom face paint.

As for your costume, it would be wise to reference the original novel—set in the early 1900s— or the better known Andrew Lloyd Webber Phantom production set in Victorian-era Paris.

It’s Halloween Weekend: Jewel Nightclub

Jewel Nightclub’s Halloween theme is inspired by this fall’s It movie, so expect to see red balloons tied to every table and blood-red lighting throughout the club. We’ll see if FAED (performing October 27) and Steve Aoki (performing October 28 and 31) embrace the killer-clown theme, but you can jump on it with an It-inspired ’80s outfit, or one of those creepy yellow raincoats.

One might assume that because it’s Halloween, anything goes on the Las Vegas Strip. In fact, Hakkasan Group is still enforcing a dress code for its themed parties, with strict rules about masks, body paint and props. It’s a good idea to do your research before suiting up for the night.