The Legends Room Is the Strip Club of the Future

Seven reasons to visit Las Vegas' new "blockchain cabaret"

Las Vegas is known for its wondrous gentlemen’s clubs, but The Legends Room will dazzle you with more than just high heels and glitter. Billing itself as a “blockchain cabaret,” the innovative venue reimagines the traditional strip club by pairing modern technology (think cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin) with high-end entertainment (think celebrity DJs as well as adult stars including Brenna Sparks and Jesse Jane).

Here’s why you should hit The Legends Room and make it rain digital dollars.

The Future of Gentlemen’s Clubs

The Legends Room is the first strip club in Las Vegas to accept Bitcoin for all of its services. “We realized there’s a market opportunity [for Bitcoin],” says marketing director Peter Klamka. “But the places you can spend it usually aren’t fun.”

Digital payment can be made by scanning QR codes, which are artfully placed on dancers via temporary tattoos.

Prefer to keep it old school? The club takes cash and credit cards as well.

Krystal Ramirez

Adult entertainer Brenna Sparks with a temporary tattoo QR code.

Technology at Its Finest

The club also features amenities in line with technological trends, from electric car charging stations, which are currently being installed, to an interactive website for reservations.

“It’s a practical opportunity,” Klamka says. “This is the first step for technology in clubs.”

It’s already made the venue more attractive to the younger generation, pulling in clientele from tech hubs such as San Francisco and cashing in on conferences like the recent Money 20/20 financial gathering.

A Nightclub With Exotic Dancers

Think of The Legends Room as less of a strip joint and more a of a nightclub that happens to have exotic dancers. While the girls are the primary draw, the entertainment reaches beyond that. You’ll find celebrity DJs such as Brody Jenner (November 4), Samantha Ronson (December 30) and Scott Disick (New Year’s Eve), with local favorites like Kid Conrad and Turbulence rounding out the roster.

Mixing it up even more, the venue plans to add aerialists, a sword swallower and variety acts for an immersive experience.

Krystal Ramirez

The Legends Room member’s area.

The Perks

The Legends Room also features a large, members-only VIP area. Membership costs 5,000 LGD tokens—the club’s own form of digital currency—which, at the current market rate, equals to about $5,000. With it comes a private VIP entrance, discounts on club services and star power: the members area features weekend residencies from adult actresses, with some mainstream celebrities rumored to have been spotted there.

The club also hosts a variety of events for its members, including meet and greets with featured entertainers and UFC hall of famers, thanks to its many ties to mixed martial arts. The Legends Room is owned by Nick Blomgren, who also runs One Kick’s Gym, while UFC hall of famer Stephan Bonnar and former fighter Phil Baroni handle member relationships for the club.

Classy Women for a Classy Experience

Featured adult entertainers are often dressed in designer brands, such as Versace and Cavalli, creating a more upscale atmosphere. “There’s definitely a fashion element,” Klamka says. “It’s so not strip club [style]; we’re so not that.”

What’s more, the glamorous women framed on the walls are the ones patrons can interact with in the club—no bait and switch.

Brenna Sparks goes through the motions. Photos by Krystal Ramirez.

Personal Experience

The Legends Room’s service is tailored to its customers. “The members know they’re not gonna be hassled,” Klamka says. “They don’t feel pressured. They feel special.”

With an engaging environment, The Legends Room wants to keep their customers relaxed. Klamka says his membership is coming from all over the country, with people flying to Las Vegas specifically for the club. “There’s a level of personal service,” Klamka says. “We know our customers.”

Local Love

Last but not least, locals receive free admission into the main room with proper I.D. and half-off of well drinks at the bar. 

To find out more about The Legends Room and their membership, visit