Cutting the Cost of Hockey

Tips and tricks for saving money while enjoying the Vegas Golden Knights

Illustration by Cierra Pedro

As I write this, Las Vegas’ NHL team, the Vegas Golden Knights, are 9–5–1. The Knights are winning and exciting, and hockey in general is fun to watch live. So maybe you want to see a game this year. Is there a deal? There’s always a deal.

Tickets are a subjective thing. Are good seats a priority, or do you just want to get into the building at the cheapest price? Either way you’ll have to compare box-office prices to the secondary market to find the best offer. If you buy in advance, you can get rafter seats for under $100 per after all fees. If you’re good at using Craigslist and similar resellers, you can get in for less.

Parking is the next concern. If you park in one of MGM Resort’s garages, that will be a $15 (MGM Grand and Excalibur) or $20 expense if you pay in advance. There are definitely other options here, including being dropped off (by a friend or ride-share) and parking in a non-fee lot. The free lots at Trop and Hooters are close enough to walk from, and don’t forget about Wild Wild West. But be aware that all of these require a walk of at least 20 minutes there and back, so paying the fee for a closer garage might make more sense.

There’s a big gathering of fans before (and after) the game in The Park outside of T-Mobile. If you want to have a beer or two, there are all kinds of places to get one, but you’ll pay more for it the closer you get to the arena. The stand in the Toshiba Plaza sells at arena prices—$14 for a can of beer. $14? Yes, but these are 24-ouncers, so it’s like paying $7 per for two standard bottles or cans. Not really horrible, but it doesn’t feel good. Better play: The booths set up in The Park sell the same 24-ouncers for $8. Better yet: If you park at Hooters or Wild Wild West, you can pregame there for $3 each.

In the arena, wine is $13 and cocktails run $14–$22. Ugh. All beers are $14 for either a 24-ounce can or a 20-ounce draft. If you want the best deal for volume, go for the cans. If you’re comparing by alcohol content, the 20-ounce craft drafts might get you more bang for the buck.

Hot dogs are $7 and they’re disappointing. The only condiments are mustard, ketchup and relish packets. More food options include pretzels for $6, nachos for $7, cheddar-stuffed sausage sandwiches for $11 and prime rib sandwiches for $13. The best play is the giant bucket of popcorn for $8. The wisdom of crowds prevails here, as you see the buckets everywhere.

One more tip: Bring a sweater or jacket. It’s cold in there.

Anthony Curtis is the publisher of the Las Vegas Advisor and