How Do You Become Elvis?

Award-winning impersonator Travis Allen channels the spirit of one of Las Vegas’ most famous icons

If you have ever walked the Strip or entered a Downtown casino, it’s easy to see the mark Elvis Presley left on Las Vegas with the flood of men with stick-on sideburns and luscious wigs of dark hair.

But behind the legacy forever ingrained in Vegas’ image is another man: Travis Allen.

Allen, a Californian native, came to Las Vegas in his dad’s RV intent on making it as an Elvis impersonator. Ten years later, he’s still here performing nightly in All Shook Up at Planet Hollywood’s V Theater. (His wife, Tierney, is also in the business, working as a Lady Gaga impersonator.) He’s earned a number of accolades along the way, including being voted Best Impersonator by the Review-Journal in 2015 and winning the “Elvis Rocks Mesquite” grand championship.

From his start on the Double Decker Show Bus of the Stars to All Shook Up, Allen is committed to the representation of Elvis through high-quality costumes and a cohesive set that accurately depicts the evolution of the King.

We met with Allen to talk about who he is behind-the-scenes, his path to becoming Elvis and what the job means to him.