Vegas Cakes Shows the Tasteful Art of Freed’s Bakery

Las Vegas has some of the most decadent culinary culture with world-class chefs bringing the spice of life to our city. Freed’s Bakery is one of its proudest institutions, making cakes look too good to eat for nearly six decades. Food Network is showcasing the best of Freed’s creations in Vegas Cakes, a new television series airing Mondays at 11 p.m.

The 10-episode series, which premiered November 5, revolves around the family-owned bakery and the sinful delights that come out of it. Episodes show the intense creativity that goes on behind the bakery’s doors as the team creates culinary masterpieces, from a sparkly unicorn to a classic Cadillac for the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend. Of course, this is not the first time Freed’s has been on camera and under pressure.

“We’ve done cake shows before,” says third-generation owner Max Fried. “We did Fabulous Cakes season one and two on TLC, and that was like one cake over three or four days. This was 30 cakes over 10 weeks and every week we’re doing like three out of this world, over the top, really insane pieces of art.”

Krystal Ramirez

Freed’s has been a Vegas favorite since opening in 1959 and now averages 100 cakes a day. Fried says that after three generations, there are now regulars bringing in their grandchildren for wedding cakes. Adding a television show on top of their regular stress, however, does come with its own obstacles.

“We are really fortunate to have an incredible team behind the production area,” Fried says. “Everybody stepped it up, it wasn’t just the people you see on camera.”

The bakery was also coming up on wedding season, meaning that everyone in the bakery was working overtime to get things done. Fried explains that it’s not just the decorators you see on the screen; there’s a whole team of decorators and bakers in the background that felt the stress of the show overall. But Freed’s is a family, and despite the obstacles, Fried says everyone had a fun time making this opportunity a reality.

“We’ve all spent a lot of time together, a lot of years, and we all have our special little dynamics,” Fried says. “It feels like a tight-knit family. … We’re all doing incredible things and it’s awesome to see it on camera.”

 The team put together cakes for groups such as the Las Vegas 51s baseball team and Cirque de Soleil’s production of KA. Even Vegas legends such as Wayne Newton are featured getting one of Freed’s intricate cakes. Fried hopes that viewers will see a side of Freed’s they’ve never seen before.

“Seriously, every cake we did was amazing,” Fried says. “There’s something about every one of them that’s just off the charts.”

Even with the show only being out for a week, more customers are starting to come to the bakery thanks to its popularity. Of course, for the bakers at Freed’s, this is just another day of work.

“It’s hard for us to watch it because we know what’s happening, we just feel like we’re watching yourself work,” Fried says. “This is kind of how it is all the time; we’re not putting on airs for the camera.”

Photos by Krystal Ramirez

Freed’s is located at 9815 S Eastern Ave. and is open Monday–Saturday from 8 a.m.–8 p.m. and Sundays from 9 a.m.–6 p.m. Visit its website at or watch the show on Food Network’s website.