‘Fish-and-Chips,’ Doughnuts and a New Vegan Menu hit the West Side of Town

Three restaurants expand their offerings for herbivore diners

While it may seem like an odd pairing, there’s a local fish-and-chips spot in town that now has vegan offerings. Yes, you read that right: The folks over at Off the Hook (4155 S. Buffalo Dr.) recently began to expand their vegan menu to the delight of plant-based fans (including yours truly) looking for more ways to bring malt vinegar into their lives. The fast-casual spot now serves fish-and-chips made from Gardein fish that’s battered and served with a side of vegan tartar sauce and fries. Off the Hook is also one of the few spots in town—although the list is growing—that has tapped into the newest creation from Beyond Meat, the Beyond Burger, an eerily meat-like patty served with crispy onions. Other vegan items include a host of starters such as fried mushrooms, onion rings and basil Parmesan fries, as well as a mushroom burger, meatball sandwich, fish tacos and even vegan pizza. For dessert, they have deep-fried Oreos.

Photos by Krystal Ramirez

The ever-expanding meat and dairy-free dining scene on the west side continues with eatt Gourmet Bistro (7865 W. Sahara Ave.), which has also upped its vegan game, releasing a larger plant-based menu in recent weeks. The restaurant now serves a variety of creative options, including a spinach and potato soup with basil foam and diced steamed veggies, moussaka made with grilled eggplant, vegan meat, béchamel sauce and candied tomatoes. Like the Beyond Meat burger, eatt also features a new burger that’s pretty meat-like and until now was only found at Wynn: the Impossible Burger. Eatt’s version comes topped with hash browns, tomato, avocado, caramelized onions and vegan mayo, among other goodies. Finish up the meal with their vegan dessert, a coconut and chocolate mousse filled with pineapple, mango and crunchy puffed rice.

Finally, Violette’s Vegan Organic Cafe & Juice Bar (8560 W. Desert Inn) has been rolling out some new eats as well as a new partnership. The popular plant-based restaurant recently joined forces with Ronald’s Donuts to bring sweet eats to the restaurant on weekends to accompany their breakfast and brunch service. Available until they’re gone (hint: head there early), Violette’s currently sells glazed, chocolate iced and coconut doughnuts, as well as fruit bars, chocolate bars and fruit turnovers from the Chinatown spot.

Diana Edelman aims to make living a vegan lifestyle in Las Vegas accessible to everyone. Check out the latest vegan news (and find out where to eat) on her website, VegansBaby.com.