MGM Resorts Art & Culture Backs Friend Project with Miami Beach Art Installation

Exploring value of friendship continues to pay dividends for photographer Tanja Hollander.

If your idea of friendship is making sure to post birthday emojis on someone’s Facebook page when you see a notification, it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. It might not mean anything, depending on whom you ask.

The question of what constitutes a friend in the social media era has been the focus of Tanja Hollander’s life since 2011, when she set out to photograph more than 600 of her Facebook friends in a project titled Are you really my friend? Hollander’s efforts—which garnered the attention of Las Vegas filmmaker Robin Greenspunhave now earned her a place at the famed Art Basel in Miami Beach.

MGM Resorts Art & Culture — the company arm supporting the arts and curating collections for its global resorts — announced this week that an interactive installation featuring Hollander’s work would be displayed December 6–10 at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden and the MGM Resorts Lounge at Art Basel.

The interactive portion involves visitors writing their ideas of friendship on Post-it Notes, placing them on a wall, and sharing them on social media. Outside of Miami, participants can share their ideas—even if they’re just the aforementioned birthday emojis—on Instagram using #areyoureallymyfriend.

Participants will be entered into a daily sweepstakes with prizes that include limited edition, signed copies of Hollander’s book and a two-night stay at Bellagio or Aria, including dinner, art tours and show tickets.

Hollander’s project has already become the subject of a documentary directed by Greenspun, and her work is being featured in the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art through February 11, 2018.