Makers & Finders Brings Downtown Las Vegas to Downtown Summerlin

When Makers & Finders opened in 2014, Main Street was still in a state of renewal: vacant storefronts giving way to boutiques, empty lots getting cleared for construction. Three years later, the restaurant is opening its second location in another neighborhood that’s undergoing a transformation from the ground up.

“We chose Downtown Summerlin because we felt it was really coming into being something local,” says Makers & Finders owner Josh Molina. The new location may be around the corner from Ann Taylor and across the street from Bath & Body Works, but it still shows the same boho vibe as its other location—with Edison bulbs, industrial finishes, walls adorned with murals and trompe l’oeil effects. “We’re bringing a little Downtown [Las Vegas] to Downtown Summerlin,” says general manager Christian Gonzalez.

Photo by Krystal Ramirez

However, there are a few differences: Along one side of the room is a busy open kitchen, adjacent to the bustling coffee bar. “We’ve truly elevated our style by demonstrating the Latin food because, at the end, that’s our core, that’s what we stand on,” explains Molina. “With the espresso bar right next to it, it’s a really tricky workspace.” But it will make things run more smoothly for customers, as it also creates a counter for to-go service.

Makers & Finders will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. To start the day, their variations on eggs Benedict are outstanding, especially the brightly spicy Chicken Tinga and the arepa with coffee-braised beef. The Bionico seems like a basic granola-yogurt-fruit dish, but splashes of condensed milk and orange-infused honey make it something special; the organic, vegan Chia Pudding sounds like it should be blandly healthy, but adding fruit and vanilla makes it feel more like dessert than breakfast in the best possible way. And, as always, the coffee is top-notch, whether it’s your basic espresso or a more exotic lavender or turmeric latte.

Photo by Krystal Ramirez

Afternoon and evening menus include variations on traditional dishes, like Chicken Tinga Nachos and Deconstructed Street Corn, which turns the ear on its ear, so to speak, and into a dip. The Sofrito Burger presses the tomato/garlic/onion/pepper blend directly into a flavorful and juicy angus beef patty, served on a brioche bun and topped with mozzarella, bacon, crispy hash-like potatoes and a sunny-side egg; it brings breakfast into dinner, but would be welcome on a plate anytime.

Additionally, Makers & Finders West will have a beer and wine license, applying the same thoughtful, regionally oriented approach they use in choosing their coffees. “We’re going to give them very distinct, unique, regional brands,” says Molina. Along with the red and white, there will also be plenty of rosé, should the ladies of Summerlin wish to stay all day—six kinds, to be exact, plus year-round frosé. Another highlight will be a build-your-own-mimosa option, with lavender and hibiscus flavors, among others.

Makers & Finders will officially open with a ribbon-cutting on December 21, and Molina thinks both the place and the taste will fit right into the new neighborhood. “The cuisine we offer is something that isn’t mainstream yet, but that’s changing very quickly,” he says, adding, “It’s a place to gather, a place to network, to have meetings, to just hang out. We really intend to become the gathering place of Summerlin.”