Ja Rule and Ashanti at Brooklyn Bowl | Erik Kabik Photography/ MediaPunch

Yes, You Could Meet Ja Rule and Ashanti on New Year’s Eve

VIP experiences galore at Brooklyn Bowl’s Murder Inc. reunion.

There was a time—we remember it like it was yesterday—when we used to cut out for lunch and hop in a friend’s ride (a 2000 BMW, if memory serves) and cruise to McDonald’s for Blizzards, blasting “Always on Time” for all of Lake Mead Boulevard to hear.

We can’t deny, those Ja Rule–Ashanti collabs are weaved into the fabric of our youth, and this New Year’s Eve, when the pair reunite on the Brooklyn Bowl stage in Las Vegas, it’s gonna feel like the summer of ’02 all over again.

Not to say we haven’t grown up in the last 15 years. These days we’re more sophisticated and we make smarter decisions—kind of like Ja, we’re not out there starting beef with G-Unit or turning down 2 Fast 2 Furious to do a prison flick with Steven Seagal.

Yeah, we saw Half Past Dead in the theater. 

The point is, if Murder Inc. is reuniting for New Year’s Eve, we’re gonna do all we can to have the best seat at Brooklyn Bowl. Here are the first-class experiences to choose from.

Club Level

You’ll be livin’ it up in the balcony section, with dedicated servers and special access to the bar and bathrooms. Plus, there’s a quick route to the outdoor patio, which you’ll need to hit periodically to cool off. That show’s gonna be hot! $125.

Premium Table

A table for two, so you and your partner can cosplay as Ja Rule and Ashanti from the “Mesmerize” video. These seats have dedicated servers and a $250 food and beverage credit. Offer to buy Ja a drink in between songs! $328.13

VIP Table

Get ready to be happy. These tables also seat two and are closer to the stage, plus that food and beverage credit is now $350! Now you can get Steven Seagal a drink too, you know, in case he’s there. $459.38

Stage Level Bowling Lane

If you’d rather bowl than get caught up on the dance floor, grab a lane for New Year’s Eve. Shoe rental and a $1,000 food and beverage credit are included in this package. Bring seven of your friends and stroll into Brooklyn Bowl like Ja, Ashanti and the crew strolling in off the beach in the “Down 4 U” video. $1,312.50

VIP Post Show Meet & Greet

At long last, this is your chance to get some face time with the king and queen of Murder Inc. There’s a photo op, and maybe you’ll get enough time to ask Ja a question or two. The meet-and-greet takes place after the show, so try to stay sober enough not to look too foolish. $100 per person (concert tickets must be purchased separately)

Ja Rule and Ashanti perform at Brooklyn Bowl on Sunday, Dec. 31. Doors open at 9:30 p.m. Tickets can be purchased via the Brooklyn Bowl website.

Erik Kabik Photography/ MediaPunch


Which of these is not a Ja Rule song?
“Murder Me”
“Murder Reigns”
“Dial M for Murder”
“The Murderers”

A: Trick question. They’re all his. Only for the Rule, baby!

Which of these tracks does not feature Ja Rule and Ashanti?
“I’m Real (Murder Remix)”
“What’s Luv?”

A: “I’m Real.” That’s a J. Lo track. You knew that, didn’t you?

Which Fast & Furious star guested in the “Always on Time” video?
Vin Diesel
Jordana Brewster
Paul Walker
Michelle Rodriguez

A: Michelle Rodriguez. She swoops in via hot-air balloon at the end and saves Ja from throngs of unruly groupies. It happens.