Cheech Comes to Las Vegas, and You Know He’s Holding

Cannabis brand Cheech’s Private Stash hit Las Vegas last week, with the man himself taking a whirlwind tour through town, leaving a trail of fake mustaches and fine vibes all across Sin City. From the office workers and grandmas at The+Source in Henderson to the fans of rap and rodeo at Reef and the vast weed supermarket that is NuWu, there were smiles all around as Cheech Marin hit a string of local dispensaries, spreading the word about his new cannabis line. Cheech’s Private Stash is produced in collaboration with Redwood, which also brought Willie Nelson’s Willie’s Reserve to Nevada. The stash comes in four strains: Sour Diesel, a sativa; Do-Lato, an indica; and Nitro Cookies and Cactido, which are hybrids.

Ginger Bruner | Vegas Seven

Of course, Cheech also had to see where his stash comes from, so he paid a visit to Redwood, checking out several rooms of “his” plants, as well as taking in the whole operation, from hydration tanks to joint-rolling machines. He gazed at giant bud-heavy Do-Lato plants like a proud papa, taking a deep whiff of the dank. Asked if it meets Cheech standards, he proclaimed, “Yes, it does! It will always be good!”

The legendary hero of Up in Smoke touring a marijuana grow is kind of like the Pope turning up to check out Mass. “We used to smoke pot and watch Cheech movies,” said one fan at Redwood. “Talk about full circle.” But even through 48 hours of hand shaking and ring kissing, Cheech is the kind of guy who holds doors open and thanks the people who ask for photos with him. He was also happy to meet the cultivators who watch over his crop, admiring their regalia of white lab coats and red knit “Cheech” beanies. “You guys look like scientists!” he said, laughing.

Ginger Bruner

But what about Cheech’s stash? Well, we can tell you this much: It smells like the ’70s. Actually, in 1978, the Ramones, Van Halen and Black Sabbath played the same bill at the Omni in Atlanta, and it’s pretty certain that arena smelled like Cactido. That’s the same year Alice Bowie played the Battle of the Bands in Los Angeles, and the whiff there was probably about the same.

Of course, for the man himself, he might prefer to spend his high times at a museum. Cheech is a noted collector of contemporary art and a big fan of the exhibit by painter Carlos Alamaraz that’s currently up at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Like many an art connoisseur and/or comedy writer, Cheech tends to prefer the mental stimulus of a sativa, “but if I’m going to chill, I can do an indica.”

Cheech’s Private Stash was originally available in California, and he is excited to bring it to the folks in Nevada. “We’re like water,” he says. “We kind of seep in everywhere.”