Enoch Augustus Scott as Frank-N-Furter photo by Kirsten Clarke

The Rocky Horror Picture Show at House of Blues Thrills Cult Fans, Bamboozles Laypeople

This one was strictly for the die hards.

On Sunday, crowds lined up outside the House of Blues for a live performance of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. With talented cast members—many known for local productions such as Zombie Burlesque and 50 Shades: The Musical—and the zeal that came with the original, written by Richard O’Brien, this production has garnered much anticipation. But it was the reputation and following of the film that carried it.

Enoch Augustus Scott played a charismatic Dr. Frank N Furter and brought some of the stage presence Tim Curry did. But both acting and choreography were lacking on a shallow and propless stage, with merely the projected images of frozen frames from the 1975 film glowing above the cast members’ heads during musical numbers (nonmusical scenes were conveyed by just screening the film). Most of the songs, such as the opener, “Science Fiction,” lacked choreography and comedic impact, as did “Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me”  (unless you call rolling around on the floor choreography).

Fans enjoyed chiming in during the established cult interjections, and this might be worth the $10 admission for the cult of Frank N Furter. Those who had never seen the movie, or perhaps seen it just once or twice, should be wary, lest they want to feel like Brad and Janet did when they first arrived at the castle Transylvania—uncomfortable and alienated.