Criss Angel’s Future Wide Open After Mindfreak Ends

Final performance scheduled for October 28, 2018.

Longtime Las Vegas headliner Criss Angel will end his Mindfreak Live! show at Luxor next fall, but it’s unlikely he’ll hang up his leather jacket for good.

Angel, 50, hinted during an August conversation with Vegas Seven that he was intrigued by the possibility of becoming a “free agent” at the end of his deal (he’ll hit the 10-year mark at Luxor in 2018).

“All of my options are open,” he told us in August. “I have a lot of things that I’m capable of doing that I’ve done for many, many, many years successfully. So there are things that, for me, are all very familiar.”

In the announcement that Mindfreak would stage its final performance on October 28, 2018, Angel praised Luxor and Cirque du Soleil—partners since Angel’s first show, Believe—and said he’d be adding new illusions to the show for its final year.

Believe debuted in October 2008 and was replaced by Mindfreak Live! in May 2016. The latter show evolved from Angel’s desire for more creative control and a departure from what he described as “Broadway” elements that producers had inserted into Believe.

Assuming an executive producer role, Angel transformed his Strip show into something akin to a live rock concert, with the performer flanked onstage by musicians, supporting cast members and rotating set pieces—some of which he said took months to perfect in his 60,000-square-foot off-Strip warehouse.

“Everything that you see in [Mindfreak], I created in my studio,” Angel said in August. “Everything that you see is all in-house, even the lighting design, all the pyrotechnics that you see in the show, all of the music that you see in the show.”

The warehouse also serves as the de facto headquarters for Angel’s magic empire, which includes the touring Mindfreak and the Supernaturalists productions, magic kits and Mindfreak-branded merchandise.

Bottom line: The brand is much bigger than one Las Vegas show.

Mindfreak Live! ends its run on October 28, 2018. Tickets are on sale via the Luxor website.